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Long Live the Rom-Com! Social Media Stars Save Valentine’s Day, the results are “Non-Transferable”

Who said the romantic comedy was dead anyways? Oh yeah, everyone. With Valentine’s Day lurking about, it’s about damn time someone revived a genre that has yet to be re-imagined since its prime in the 90s. And who better to reinvent those once light, humorous films than renowned veteran digital showrunner, Brendan Bradley. Bradley, well-known for his advertising role as Staples spokesperson “Guy” on TV and radio, is bringing years of writing, acting, and producing experience (as well as some very impressive friends) to the table in order to bring a whole new kind of Rom-Com to fruition. The results are “Non-Transferable.”

Non-Transferable, is written by Bradley, and stars himself, Ashley Clements (Emmy Award Winner Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Shanna Malcolm (HeyYoShanna), in an twisted tale that follows Amy Tyler, who books a surprise trip to Europe for her boyfriend, Josh Merit, right before he drops her like a hot potato. To make things more awkward, all of the reservations (plane, dinner, hotel) are in both of their names– and you guessed it, aren’t transferable! In order to experience a trip of a lifetime, she’ll have to ditch the old Josh Merit, and turn to the internet to find another guy with her ex’s name to accompany her on the trip.


I won’t say too much, in fear of spoiling this charming (and witty) movie for the masses this February 14, but I have to say, I was eager to see an advance screening of this film (big fan of all those involved) and was even more delighted to find a well-written, exceptionally acted piece of art. Seeing not only Bradley and Clements working together harmoniously but the entire ensemble was exactly what the entertainment world needed this V-Day. The scenery is breathtaking, as well! 

Did you know that despite all the hard work and enthusiasm he put into this new endeavor, there still were those who doubted Bradley’s decision to make this film a reality? Yep, I couldn’t believe it either! The concept to some, was too unbelievable for an audience of hopeless romantics. Well, Bradley sure showed them.

“I wrote the script 5 years ago and at the time, everyone said the story is too unrealistic, this would never happen in real-life,” remembers Bradley. “And then…it did. A Canadian guy by the name of Jordan Axani used social media to give away vacation tickets in his ex-girlfriend’s name, Elizabeth Gallagher. The real-life story reportedly received billions of media impressions, becoming the world’s most viral human interest story, ever.”

Long Live the Rom-Com! Social Media Stars Save Valentine’s Day, the results are “Non-Transferable”
l) Brendan Bradley and (r) Ashley Clements in a scene from Non-Transferable. Photographer: Dave Vorhes

Always one to think out-of-the-box, Bradley didn’t stop there… he had an innovative idea to harness the power of not only the internet, but an entire country’s travel brands and destinations in order to make the film on a little-to-no budget. Luckily, Bradley was able to channel fictional Amy’s “travel concierge” skills in real life in order to have the movie filmed mostly in Turkey.

“Our hosts at VIP Tourism really understood and supported the spirit of ‘diplomacy through cinema’ and helped with every single detail including travel, accommodations, crew, meals and equipment. It was like a vacation package to make a movie!” says Bradley.

Bradley’s co-star and social media darling said it was “an absolute joy” filming Non-Transferable, in fact, she had nothing but great things to say about the film and her character, Amy. 

Long Live the Rom-Com! Social Media Stars Save Valentine’s Day, the results are “Non-Transferable”
Ashley Clements in a scene from Non-Transferable. Photographer: Bryan Keith

“I relate to Amy’s desire to control her life and get things right, and living through her story was a good reminder that sometimes the real path to happiness is letting go and enjoying what’s happening, instead of always trying to change it,” says Clements. “I’m also a sucker for rom-coms and loved the idea of returning to the heyday of the genre. I feel like part of the reason rom-coms are said to be dying is because they’ve gotten really mean-spirited, and to me one of Non-Transferable’s biggest selling points is that it’s a kind-hearted love story. I think that NT harkens back to some of my favorite films, like French Kiss and You’ve Got Mail, and I think the audience of those older rom-coms will respond to our movie too.”

And that they will… now, here’s where the audience comes in: Want to join the Live Stream of the Red Carpet Event for the Non-Transferable official streaming premiere?

The folks over at Non-Transferable are channeling the voices of the Internet from around the world, through a great service called Thunderclap! At 7pm on February 13, it will post an approved message to everyone’s social media at the exact same time– cool right? That way, everyone’s hashtags and posts will be effortlessly coordinated leaving a substantial online trail and will hopefully get it trending!

All you have to do is click the link: and add your Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr with a custom message of your choosing and then share the link so others can sign up. It’s easy, right?

Pack your bags this Valentine’s Day, you’re about to experience a whirlwind adventure across three continents as two strangers test the waters (literally), and finally discover that perhaps love can be transferred to someone new.

Long Live the Rom-Com! Social Media Stars Save Valentine’s Day, the results are “Non-Transferable”

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