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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Abominations’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Abominations’

In this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the team picks up a distress signal from a “time pirate” who crash-lands in Mississippi in 1863. In his message, he begs for someone to come and find him, then briefly warns about a virus getting lose. They find and dispose of the crashed escape pod easily enough, but naturally, everything falls apart shortly after. A man by the name of Henry Scott is being chased by Confederate soldiers. The team determines if they should help him or not and decide to quickly take out the soldiers. Only problem is that they don’t stay dead. That’s right, zombie Confederate soldiers. The Legends kill the zombies, but Scott was wounded and dies. Before he passes, he tells Jax that he was on a mission from Ulysses S. Grant and was to infiltrate a Confederate party and steal their plans. He asks Jax to complete the mission.

On the Waverider, the Legends discover that if they don’t stop the zombie soldiers, the Confederacy will win the war, which will greatly impact the future. They can’t let that happen so Sara decides to attack the problem on two fronts. Jax and Amaya will go to the Confederate party where Jax will pose as a slave and get the information. Sara and Heywood will warn Grant of the coming threat. They are about to leave when Mick suddenly collapses. He was bitten by one of the zombies. Ray and Stein stay on the ship and try to create a cure.

While dealing with the Confederate zombies, Sara starts questioning herself as a leader. She doesn’t like risking the lives of her teammates. Sara proves herself as a leader though when she comes up with a solution to the zombie problem. Grant only has so many resources and is running low on ammunition. Sara decides to lure the zombies into a trap and blow them up. Heywood acts as bait with a flare (think Jurassic Park/World), drawing the zombies away from the camp and to a big box of nitroglycerin. Heywood goes steel and blows up the crate, killing all the zombies. Afterward, Grant reassures Sara that she has the potential to be a great leader. All she has to do is have faith in her team.

Aboard the Waverider, Ray creates a serum and injects Mick, but it doesn’t work. He and Stein think that maybe they just didn’t give him enough, but can’t get close enough to administer it because Mick has gone full-on zombie. Stein has a fear of zombies and refuses to help Ray deal with Mick, but he is forced to when Ray is knocked unconscious. Stein swallows his fear and tries to deal with the problem. However, Mick is a much bigger man than Stein and takes him down, but the cure kicks in and Mick becomes himself again.

Jax and Amaya travel to the plantation and he goes in alone. He doesn’t act the way a slave should to his owner, so Jax is chained up in the barn where he can learn his place. While there, Jax meets several other slaves that give him a new outlook on life. Amaya, unable to communicate with Jax, goes in after him. She charms (kinda) her way down to where Jax is being kept, then sets all of them free. Jax and another man go into the house and get the Confederates’ plans just as a zombie horde swarms the plantation. While the zombies are feasting on the slave owners, Jax sets them all on fire, burning down the house. He, Amaya, and the newly freed slaves make their way to Grant’s camp.

Ray has been questioning his position on the team since his suit was destroyed last week. He spills his feelings to Mick, who seems to not really care. But then, Mick tells Ray that sometimes the best people are outsiders. He opens up a case and pulls out Leonard’s cold gun. He then hands it to Ray, saying that he needs a new partner. That was something I wasn’t expecting and am interested to see where it goes.

I think this episode did a really great job of balancing everyone’s stories. They were successful in having three different groups all doing their own thing, but nobody was left out or overshadowed, which is very hard to accomplish when you have a large cast. It was also cool to see some different team pairings. I loved the stuff with Ray, Stein, and Mick. It helped alleviate some of the hard-hitting truths of Jax and Amaya’s storyline.

We got a partial answer to last week’s mystery of what did future Barry Allen tell Rip in his message. He hear the first part of Barry’s warning before Jax turns it off. Barry tells Rip that war is coming. This could mean one of two things. First, it could mean the four-way crossover in a couple of weeks. We know that the main threat of the four episodes is an alien invasion. Second, Barry could mean the Legion of Doom. I feel like the message is much more important than just alluding to the crossover episodes, so I’m betting that Barry has warned Rip about the Legion. Maybe next week we will get to hear the rest of the message. I certainly hope so.

The next episode is entitled ‘Compromised.’

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