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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Legendary’

Published on May 20th, 2016 | Updated on May 20th, 2016 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Legendary’

The team is in pretty rough shape following the events of last week’s episode. Snart sacrificed himself in order to destroy the Oculus, which was allowing the Time Masters to control time as they saw fit. This meant guiding the team in the wrong direction and setting up a victory for Savage. Despite all of their efforts, Rip’s family were still killed by Savage. Kendra and Carter were both taken hostage by Savage, but the team can’t do anything to help them because the Oculus is gone. Without any idea what to do next, Rip takes the team back to 2016. But instead of landing in January, he drops them off in May.

Sara visits the Arrow Cave where she meets up with Quentin and learns of Laurel’s death (kudos to Caity Lotz and Paul Blackthrone this episode, their scenes break your heart). The other members of the team are having a hard time adjusting to being back in 2016, and all end up reconvening to call back the Waverider. Rip reappears and they force themselves on board, saying that they need to finish what they started, but not before Sara attacks Rip, demanding he take her back to save Laurel. Rip admits that he knew she would die all along, and that if Sara had been there, Laurel still would have died, along with Sara and her father.

Meanwhile, Savage is hiding out during World War II. Kendra manages to escape after Savage takes her and Carter’s blood and tells them what he is planning. The meteorite that caused them to become immortal has a special power that will allow Savage to destroy the timeline, transporting them back to the Egyptian age. In doing so, Savage will essentially become a god. Kendra runs into a soldier and recognizes his helmet as being on the Waverider in Rip’s study. She scribbles a note and sticks it in the soldier’s helmet before Savage appears, killing the soldier and taking back Kendra.

Back in 2016, the team realizes that the helmet is in the wrong place and Rip explains that something has happened to the time stream. They discover the note and hightail it to the 40s. The team saves Carter, but are unable to rescue Kendra. Carter tells the team about  Savage’s plan to activate the three meteorites. They decide to split up in teams of two so they can attack Savage on three fronts. From the moment the blood has been applied to the meteorites, Savage will be mortal. There is a very small window to kill him, but they can do it. The teams are comprised of Sara and Firestorm, Ray and Rory, and Rip and Carter.

Savage applies to blood and the teams strike. Carter frees Kendra and the two of them take on Savage while Sara and Rory fight him in the other times. All of the fight sequences were on point (especially Sara’s, but hers are always really well choreographed). They succeed, and I am really glad that it was Sara, Rory, and Kendra that got to finish him off. Ray and Firestorm (who learned to transmute objects, aka change the property of an object) destroy the meteorites before they explode and then all of them go off to meet with Rip, Cater, and Kendra. Unfortunately for them, the meteorite wasn’t destroyed soon enough and now it is severely unstable and on the verge of exploding. Rip takes the meteorite in the Waverider and flies off into the sun. He has passes out and has a vision of his wife and son. He then decides that despite not having them in his life anymore, he needs to live. He jettisons the meteorite into the sun and flies back to the team.

The day is saved. Rip says that now that the Time Masters have been taken down, he will act as the enforcer of the timeline. He offers to take anyone that wants to go with him. He will once again give them some time to think it over. First, he takes Rory back to 2013 where he meets with Snart in a bar. Rory initially was going to tell Snart about what he did, but decides not to, instead telling Snart that he may not think it, but he is a hero. It was a really fantastic scene.

In the end, Sara, Ray, Rory, Stein, and Jax decide to continue on with Rip. Carter and Kendra decline, saying that for the first time they are free to do whatever they want. Hopefully there will be an opportunity for the Hawks to return in some capacity to any of the CW shows. It would be cool if Kendra ended up with Supergirl, wouldn’t it?

Right before the team departs, another Waverider appears, carrying a mysterious passenger. He says that he was sent by Rory to tell them not to get on the ship. He reveals that his name is Rex Tyler and he is a member of the Justice Society of America.

Who exactly is Rex Tyler? And what is the Justice Society of America? Rex Tyler is the hero known as Hourman. Rex was a chemist who created a chemical called “Miraclo” that allowed him to have super human abilities for an hour. The human body can only process the chemical for that long and after an hour, he would return to being a human. The Justice Society of America (JSA) is essentially the Justice League of Earth-2. Since The Flash has opened up the Multiverse (and with the inclusion of Supergirl, who exists on a different Earth), it would make sense for JSA to make an appearance. And it is really exciting. If they are on Earth-Prime, that means something really bad had to have happened. Notable members of JSA include Jay Garrick (Flash), Alan Scott (Green Lantern), Carter Hall (Hawkman), Kent Nelson (Doctor Fate), Helena Wayne (Huntress), Karen Starr (Power Girl), and Dinah Drake (Black Canary). Bringing in JSA opens up a whole new roster of superheroes and I am excited to see who will appear. Since Supergirl just moved to The CW, it is possible that Power Girl will make an appearance. It will also be cool to have another Black Canary and the return of Huntress.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a while.

Legends of Tomorrow continued to grow as a show throughout its first season, and I am really excited for the potential of the second. The team has been established and grown together, so we should expect more awesomeness moving forward.

Who would you like to see next season?

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