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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Jes Macallan Promoted to Series Regular for Season 4

Legends of Tomorrow: Jes Macallan Promoted to Series Regular for Season 4

Coming on the heels of a Season 4 renewal, it was announced today that Jes Macallan  has been promoted to series regular on Legends of Tomorrow. Macallan joined the cast in Season 3 as the rule-abiding Ava Sharpe, who was recruited by Rip Hunter when he created the Time Bureau. Since the mid-season finale, Ava has had a much larger role as she became the love interest for Sara. In one of the most recent episodes, we learned even more about Ava when the Legends traveled to the future and found out she is a clone.

Executive Producer Phil Klemmer told EW that “Jes has a power to captivate in person as well as on screen. She had been guest-starring on Legends for all of two days when one of our teamsters, the guy who had been driving her to set, told me that we ought to make her a series regular. He wasn’t wrong.” He adds that her development has been drawn out over the past season, but has hit upon a bunch of different facets of her personality.

“She’s been alternately funny, poignant, engaging, endearing, and kick-ass this season — and yet I know for a fact that we haven’t hit all of Jes’s hidden gears as an actor. We are lucky to have a whole new season in which to find them. It’s not every actor who can find the emotional heart of a storyline that features John Constantine, a chicken, and a severed human foot. Thank God we found Jes Macallan.”

Macallan isn’t the only new series regular for Season 4 as it was previously announced that Matt Ryan (John Constantine) would become a permanent member of the Waverider if Legends was renewed.

The Season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday, April 9, on the CW.