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Courtney Ford to Return to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ as Series Regular

Published on June 24th, 2018 | Updated on June 27th, 2018 | By FanFest

Courtney Ford to Return to Legends of Tomorrow as Series Regular

It was announced earlier this week that Courtney Ford, who played Nora Darhk in Season 3, has been upped to series regular for the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow. Daughter of Damien Darhk, Nora helped bring her father back to life and was the first host for Mallus’ return. During the season finale, Damien went back in time and sacrificed himself so that his daughter could live, taking her place as the vessel for Mallus. Nora ended up fighting alongside the Legends, and in the end found herself arrested by the Time Bureau. Before she was taken away, Ray gave her one of her father’s time stones so she could escape prison, believing she deserved a second chance.

Season 4 will find the Legends cleaning up the mess they made when Mallus was released. Nora has command over magic so it’s possible she might join the crew in stopping the supernatural. She’s quite the misfit, and would fit right in. Ray will definitely advocate for her inclusion as the two of them share a special bond. In real life, Ford and Brandon Routh (Ray) are married, and their chemistry was evident during all of their scenes. It will be interesting to see how the show is going to utilize Nora next season, and it will be fun to possibly have another snarky villain as a member of the team.

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Ford joins Matt Ryan and Jess Macallan, who play John Constantine and Ava Sharpe, respectively, who were promoted to series regulars months ago.

Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow premiers Monday, October 22, on The CW.


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