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Katy Perry Teases New Song on Twitter

Katy Perry is about to release something big – the follow-up tune to ‘Bon Appetit’ and the third song from her fifth album, which is yet-to-be-named. While she didn’t give much away, she did post a Tweet with an occasionally blinking eye and the lyrics to a tune, asking for a witness. The song sounds incredible so far, it’s a tune that’ll definitely get stuck in your head and her vocals sound beautiful.

“Can I get a witness, will you be my witness? I’m just looking for a witness in all of this, looking for a witness to get me through this.” 

There is also a billboard in NYC with the same eye and date on it. 5.15.17. That means sometime today we’ll likely be hearing the entire song. Katy recently did an interview where she said this album is more herself than ones before it, and that she realizes that she’s multifaceted. She doesn’t have to live up to one expectation that she set herself when she first became a recognizable name in the music business.

Katy took some time off before writing this album, and it’s clear that it did her some good. We’re looking forward to the next single and the entirety of her album; she’s talented, she’s got a lot to say, and she knows who she is – all of that makes her an absolute powerhouse.

What do you hope to hear from Katy’s album? Are you looking forward to hearing her new song? Let us know.

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