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Katie McGrath Promoted to Series Regular for ‘Supergirl’ Season 3

Katie McGrath Promoted to Series Regular for Supergirl Season 3

Looks like Lena Luther will be sticking around for another season.

Katie McGrath will return in the third season of Supergirl as a series regular. I have enjoyed her run as Lena Luthor so far and am glad that she’ll be sticking around. Her story as the adoptive daughter of the Luthor’s has been an interesting one and I know that there is more to explore. There have been several moments where we are led to doubt Lena’s true intention. It has been a game of “is she or isn’t she evil?”

The episode ‘Luthors‘ really made you question what you knew about the character. The entire episode focused on the dynamic between mother, son, and daughter, and ended with Lena examining a chess board, a game she would frequent with Lex. So does that mean she is loyal to the Luthor name after all?

Supergirl is currently on hiatus before finishing out the final five episodes of season two. The show returns Monday, April 24 on The CW.

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