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Julius Caesar Cast For ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3

The Legends have certainly met their fair share of important historical characters. From King Arthur to a young Steven Spielberg, very few times are off limits to them. Well this season, the Legends will be taking a trip back to ancient Rome; and you can’t think of ancient Rome without one man in particular: Julius Caesar.

During the SDCC press tours,  Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer revealed that the Legends would indeed be traveling back to Ancient Rome at some point in their usual fight against time abnormalities. Now it’s not sure if this will be a Caesar who is rising to power or a Caesar that’s about to be murdered; but thanks to CBR, we do know who will be playing this historic character: Simon Merrells.

Now if you’ve ever watched Spartacus, you know that this casting is SPOT on as Simon once played Marcus Crassus on that show. And for those of you not caught up on your ancient history, Crassus was a member of Rome’s first triumvirate (a power trio formed by Crassus, Pompey and – oh look – Julius Caesar). I guess Simon just has to play Pompey now and he’ll have it all covered; but let’s focus on this role for right now.

A surprising fact is that Simon Merrells will actually be the Sixth actor from Spartacus to join the Arrowverse: Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson/Deathstroke), Todd Lasance (Edward Clariss/The Rival), Liam McIntyre (Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard), Nick Tarabay (Digger Harkness/ Captain Boomerang), and Katrina Law (Nyssa al Ghul) are all Spartacus alumni. So next time someone says, “there’s too many Glee actors in the Arrowverse”, introduce them to a little show called Spartacus.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW Tuesday, October 10.