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Jolly Rancher flavored Pop-Tarts are about to become your new breakfast obsession!

You read that correctly.  This is really happening.  Jolly Rancher flavored Pop-Tarts are coming and will give you an extra sugary sweet start to your day as your new favorite breakfast food.

Get your greedy little fingers ready. @jollyrancher Pop-Tarts are here!

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Kelloggs just announced three new candy-themed flavors coming soon to a toaster pastry near you!  Pop-Tarts is teaming up with Jolly Rancher to bring you limited-edition Pop-Tart flavors including Jolly Rancher Watermelon, Jolly Rancher Green Apple and Jolly Rancher Cherry.  According to Cosmopolitan, the three flavors taste exactly like Jolly Ranchers.   The Jolly Rancher flavor is contained within the icing so, each bite supposedly tastes like you are biting into a softer version of the hard candy.

In addition to tasting like sweet heaven, the pastries come in super fun and bright colors, just like the hard candies they are based on.  We’ve got to admit, this sounds far more intriguing than pickle juice soda pop or the unicorn frappuccino!

The treats are available at most grocery stores right now but, will only be out for a limited time so, you better run and stock up!

What do you think of Jolly Rancher flavored Pop-Tarts?  Would you give these pastries a try?  Have you actually tried them?  We want to know what you think!  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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