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DC releases ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer

Published on December 2nd, 2015 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

DC releases Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

This week we saw the release of the fourth trailer for DC’s upcoming superhero flick. This trailer followed behind a scene of Batman being held captive by Superman, who removes his cowl to reveal Bruce Wayne.

Up until now, everything has been about the conflict between Batman and Superman (it’s in the title), but we knew that they would eventually make-up (also in the title). The trailer confirmed this in the last seconds with the arrival of a resurrected, revamped Zod and the appearance of Wonder Woman. Honestly, Wonder Woman saving their butts was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. In the final moments, we see the big three, the founders of the Justice League, the Holy Trinity standing together. Sure, it was pure fan service, but who cares.

A lot of people were really quick to criticize the trailer, but really, everyone if constantly criticizing the efforts of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU) that has only consisted of one movie. Man of Steel set up the mixture of love and hate that Superman receives from the world. The thing I loved about the movie is that it was realistic for a superhero flick (following in the footsteps of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy that is not a part of DC’s current cinematic universe, and should be viewed as a stand alone). Superman is an alien that is treated as such in the movie. He is not instantly liked and has his fair share of critics. That is something that crosses over into the next movie.

Batman and Superman start out at odds. Superman is reaching god-like status, while Batman uses brute force to clean up Gotham. They don’t agree on each other’s methods. In the comics, they never agree on their respective procedures and this causes conflict and comedy. People are complaining that the introduction of Wonder Woman and Zod 2.0 takes away from what the movie is supposed to be, a stand-off between two legendary heroes. That’s not necessarily true. I believe that their tension will always remain, but here’s the deal, at the end of the day, they are about protecting people. That is what they will always do. If this movie was all about them trying to beat the living daylights out of each other, the movie would be really bland and flat. We know they don’t kill each other. We know they create the Justice League. So why draw that out? I don’t want a two-hour movie that is all about fighting. I want depth, and, so far, the DCCU has been trying to create that depth and tell a story.

An interesting dynamic revealed in this trailer is Lex Luthor. This is really the most we have seen of Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Superman’s biggest foe, and it is definitely different from any other Lex we have seen. This version is a bit more psychotic genius than his predecessors, extra emphasis on psycho. I heard that this Lex is actually the son of the Lex Luthor we all know and love/hate. This could be a possibility seeing how young Lex is. If it is indeed the son, this would explain some of his nature. Perhaps Papa Luthor was killed during the events of Man of Steel and harbors disdain for Superman. It’s a possibility. Also what I think is that Lex knows the identity of Superman and Batman, and twists his way into their minds, pitting them against each other. He uses that as a distraction to resurrect Zod. Then, the two superheroes are in the same place at the same time and Lex can easily take them both out.

Zod in his new and improved form is rumored to be the major DC villain Doomsday. The design is a little weird and at first I was like, “Wow! Killer Croc Zod!” In the comics though, Doomsday can change form as he powers up so something a little more slick might evolve out of the current design. However, we don’t have official confirmation of this new Zod being Doomsday, but there’s like an 80% chance it is.

There is a whole lot we still don’t know, like how Jason Momoa’s Aquaman fits into the picture, if Flash or Cyborg will have a cameo, Jenna Malone’s role, Robin and the Joker, etc. The funny thing about trailers is it draws from the entirety of the movie and can place things in any order. The trailer for the second Mockingjay movie contained a lot of footage from the end of the film and made it feel like it happened much sooner than it actually did. This goes to show that all we can do is speculate. Trailers are made to entice and trick us, so don’t be so quick to judge and dismiss the film. There is a lot that Batman v Superman has to accomplish as the precursor to the entirety of the DCCU, but I believe they are taking it in a good direction (and please, stop comparing it to the Marvel Universe). We just need to have a little faith.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.

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