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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Heckled By Audience For ‘Baby Yoda’ Statements

Like most of America, Jimmy Kimmel is totally in love with The Mandalorian’s ‘Baby Yoda’. During Kimmel’s monologue, Kimmel expresses his love for Baby Yoda and just how important he believes Baby Yoda may just be to society.

Kimmel believes that Baby Yoda could potentially unite the Country. In fact, just holding up a picture of Baby Yoda could resolve all fights and disputes. Or, it’s even possible that Baby Yoda could just be president one day!

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Heckled By Audience For 'Baby Yoda' Statements

Well, that was all fine and dandy until a Star Wars fan in the audience begins to correct and heckle Kimmel.

The heckler goes through a list of reasons that Baby Yoda is not THE Yoda, which includes both age and the fact that Yoda died. Of course, this is all just a bit to play on the hardcore Star Wars fans and their quick ability to remind everyone that they know more than everyone else and that it’s not Baby Yoda! Check out the clip below.

What are your thoughts on Baby Yoda?

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