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Jesse McCartney Shocks ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Fans in Villainous Role

In an episode which heavily featured the mysterious backstory of Victor Strand, Fear the Walking Dead also introduced a new villain to the Dead universe. Jesse McCartney, the famed pop singer has become the Fear the Walking Dead’s latest villain.

McCartney, known for his popular song ‘Beautiful Soul’, was seen on last night’s Blood in the Streets episode of Fear the Walking Dead and his soul was far from beautiful. I know that the Dead universe has done A LOT of unexpected things… but that was a totally unexpected and, a pretty awesome cameo!

Naturally, social media, especially Twitter, reacted:

Capture Capture1



If you missed Jesse’s debut in the episode, check out the clip below.



Fear the Walking Dead will return Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC, with the episode ‘Captive’.

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