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Preacher Is Coming

Published on April 10th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest

It’s only been a week since
Negan played the most ruthless game of
eenie, meenie, miny, mo ever and most
of us are still recovering. A
lot of
things happened last Sunday night to stir a mix of emotions that I’m
to wonder if I
should go into business as a therapist for those of us dealing
with the pain
fictional characters bring
about. I think I would make a killing
during Game of Thrones
season, and yes that pun was intended.
I wonder
if I need an actual degree for that… hmmmm. Any way, besides the
death of a
character to be
named later, last week saw the end of the Walking
There’s always a life adjustment
that seems to follow when a
shows season wraps, and all of a sudden you’re
given an open time slot where

your show used to be. Lucky for us the good people at AMC have our Sunday
slot filled for the next
couple of months as Fear the Walking Dead is
set to premier tonight
and continue our love for dead
things that bite. But I’m
not here to talk about Fear the Walking
, at least not yet, I’m

here to talk about what’s coming after that. Allow


That’s right Geeklings the

comic book series
Preacher is finally coming to AMC near the end of May
and there’s
plenty to be excited

Now what is Preacher?
That’s a really good question.
I will be upfront with you guys,
I never read
the comics, but know of it’s existence and the following it
has (don’t boo me
yet). But
since I’ll be covering the show for Fan Fest you can bet
going to do my homework. Also side
note, how cool is it that my “homework”
involves reading a comic book
series? That’s what I like to call
living the
dream people. Living. The. Dream.

Preacher is a
darker story
that centralizes
on a preacher (duh) in Texas who is possessed by something that
gives him
mysterious powers. Clearly based on
the trailer this is an
unconventional preacher at best (played by Dominic
Cooper who you might remember

as Howard Stark from Marvel) who is on a mission to find God. Literally.
looking for God. Through
his travels we will be introduced to his ex-girlfriend,
a vampire, and
someone called Arseface (when you see
him the name will make
sense…yes it’s going to be that kind of show). The
show is the love child of

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (yes the very same Seth Rogen you’re thinking

about) who are big fans of
the series and high profile fanboys. The two of them
actually co-directed
the pilot episode.

Now I
know you were thinking with
the Walking Dead taking it’s summer
break that you needed to fill in

that Sunday nine o’clock time slot. And I’m here to let you know AMC has
you covered for the next
couple of months. Enjoy Fear the Walking
tonight but keep an
eye out for Preacher on
the horizon. In
the mean time I’ll be here to update you guys accordingly.
It’s the least I


Images and trailer from AMC

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