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Jason Momoa Talks ‘Aquaman’ Solo Film; Asks Fans to ‘Wait a Little Bit Longer’

Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman Solo Film; Asks Fans to ‘Wait a Little Bit Longer’

During a press conference before the upcoming release of Justice League, Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman) was asked by Eric Eisenberg from ‘Cinema Blend’ what it was like to shoot the team-up movie and then work on the solo film.

Momoa started out by saying that Aquaman is happening because of Zack Snyder, and he knows the vision that Snyder has for the character. He explains that in a year, fans will have a better understanding of the character and know where he’s coming from.

“What happened to his mother, what happened to his father. And how he was treated in this world and how he didn’t know how to use his powers. And sometimes he saved people, and sometimes he lost people. His human side didn’t know how to cope with those things, and he would cover up those things, so he’s hiding behind a lot of…there’s a lot of layers to this guy and once we do get to this solo film, you’ll get to see the man who’s gonna take responsibility and help the world and become a king, eventually.”

Momoa goes on to explain that while he is Aquaman in Justice League, he hasn’t yet come into that name. He is more Arthur Curry than Aquaman during Justice League, but as each character during the film is coming into their own and really learning how to be heroes and a part of the team, Arthur will have his growth too. He isn’t the King of Atlantis quite yet, but he will be soon. Momoa assures fans that it’s coming, and to just stick with it.

For the people who are like, ‘That’s not my Aquaman.’ Just wait a little bit longer.

Justice League opens in theaters November 17 with Aquaman due to arrive in December 2018.

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