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‘iZombie’ Recap: ‘Reflections of How Liv Used To Be’

Next week is the two-hour
season finale of iZombie, and all I can
say is… I can’t fricken wait! This
recent episode was everything that
I’ve been
hoping for the last few weeks. Because here’s the thing, when you
have a bunch
of characters
lying to each other about what’s really going on it makes for a
boring build up, but when that
information starts to leak out and
people become in the know–everything
becomes oddly satisfying! Let’s
attempt to
untangle this undead web they’ve so intricately woven.

case this week
was a nice
throwback to “Zombie Bro” earlier in the season (we get to see old
Brody and Austin from the frat
house) and incorporates Lou Benedetto
(one of Drake’s colleagues in vice)
into the mix. Bringing his
character into
the fold for this week’s case was a nice touch, we were able
to see an
unexpected side to
it all, overstepping boundaries with confidential informants,
Blaine’s (or
now his goons’) influence in the
Lucky U drug trade, and we even
get to see Liv eat a brain that brings her
pretty close to how she really
have been in real life if she continued on her path to becoming a
doctor. Wound
tight and
everything put together. Super intriguing!

Ravi knows Major’s


Credit: The
CWDr. Ravi finally knows
what’s going on with Major– he
confronted him on being the Chaos
Killer and…
Major confessed to an extent, dubbing himself the Chaos
Kidnapper instead. Which
is totes
accurate and now I feel so much better about that bromance getting back
track. Too bad Ravi is still
trying to solidify a working cure and Major has
found himself a zombie
again. Of course Ravi wanted to tell
Liv immediately what
is going on to which Major shoots down not agreeing
that she should know. I
have to disagree with him considering it would save everyone the trouble
they all were just on the same
page for once. But, things can’t be that easy
in TV land, can they? No drama
there! I understand that Major
doesn’t want to
see Liv get hurt– but she’s fricken zombie… one who kicked
the asses of Boss’
guy (when
she confronted them about Drake’s whereabouts) and walked away without
scratch. Because hello! She’s a
zombie! (I think people forget how void of
fragility these non-humans

Is Blaine Faking

Credit: The
CWQuick run down: Blaine is
back to being a zombie, and he
took the cure… and now he can’t
anything. Is this a trick or a really crappy side effect to Ravi’s
cure? Well,
that’s unclear.
He genuinely seems to not know what’s going on– he even went as
far as to
think that the worst part about
not remembering is that he forget the
people he loved and those that loved
him. Come to find out, he doesn’t
have any
of that. And he’s not a well-liked guy. He pops into the precinct
and is met by
Clive and Dale,
whom give him these snarls and Blaine is all like “do I know you
guys?” The
detectives immediately think he’s
faking it, and they might not be
wrong. Is anyone as offput as I am about
boring Blaine? We’ve lost
that makes us love to hate him and hate to love him… and I just
need him to snap
the hell out
of it now. David Anders is not in his element when it comes to this

direction, so I hope it changes course

Protect Dale Bozzio at all

Credit: The

Okay, so it’s no
surprise that I’m a fan of FBI agent
Dale Bozzio, her burrito eating
sassy self
is kind of my favorite in these episodes. How about that Jessica
Harmon? Come
on, she’s the
best! She’s coming in hot on the Chaos Killer and all I have to
say is
COSTS. I really don’t want her to die…
or if she dies at least let her turn
into a hot zombie (like GIlda,
who is being
held captive in the basement of Max Rager by her deranged
father whom I hope
someone takes
out SOON). But back to more important things: a woman who grooms
dogs came
in and said that she had
information on the Chaos Killer, that someone
came into pick up the same dog
in the picture in the newspaper
of one of the
missing people and he came in acting all crazy needing the dog
back. Turns out
that person
was Major, and he’s the one who plopped the pup (we miss you Minor)
on the
bus and she’s pretty sure he’s the
one who’s been committing the

Liv’s ex-fiance is in MAJOR
trouble… again

Yes, Major
is in
trouble, again, and this
time we don’t really know how he’s going to dodge this
bullet. Now back to
being a zombie, Major not only is
sipping down brain
smoothies, going tanning and dying that blonde streak of
his, but he’s thinking
a bit
more devious than before. Maybe not too much but it’s definitely there. I

mean, sure he’s got secrets but
this new Major is looking for results. And in
order to stop Max Rager’s
Vaughn from killing Liv and everyone
he loves, he is
going to turn him into a zombie– then give HIM the

Fast forward to
him at
Max Rager attempting to take down Vaughn and all of a sudden the FBI
in and cuffs Major on the ground.
In that moment, with Dale pinning him
to the ground, you see Major go full
zombie for a second before
breathing his
way through it. That would have been bad! But, what’s worse is
that he’s not
going to be
able to get his brains in prison and that can only end badly. Dun.

Credit: The CW


  • Can’t wait for Gilda to get
    out of there and
    get back at her dad in a BIG way!
  • Ravi told
    Blaine all the
    things he’s done and I can’t help but feeling like maybe he really did
    his memory… he looked so sad. So
    shocked that this is his life and his
  • Liv brought
    Clive into the fold when it comes to
    Drake and
    his disappearance, and it was a subtle but tender moment between
    the colleagues
  • I still hope Vaughn becomes the guinea pig for the
    cure. Or Gilda… that girl has
    had it rough and maybe it’s best to just put
    her out of her misery
  • Will Clive ever
    open up? The fact that
    he’s entertaining the idea of moving to FBI is huge.
    Is he going there because
    thinks he can do better in his career– or is he doing it for Dale… I guesswe’ll see.
  • More
    Liv kicking henchmen ass! I really loved that
    moment. Like more than donuts
    and binge-watching useless things
  • Vaughn’s still a douche.
  • Loved the Rob
    Thomas shout out.
    Can’t wait for a guest appearance… soon?

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