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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Poor Some Sugar, Zombie’

This week’s episode of
iZombie if by far the most entertaining of
the season (so far). It was
sneaky, and sharp and really kept the
overall plot
momentum going despite being case-centric. Episodes tend to
vary, between plot
and figuring out the case, but the two seemed to work seamlessly and
tandem. There were laughs, tensions
rising and Liv Moore giving her best a
lap dance. What more could you

Liv on Stripper

we please take a moment to commend the prop team, or
crew, or whomever is in
charge of
creating brain themed meals and pat them on the back for their BLT
lettuce and tomato) concoction
this episode? It made me giggle and
slightly hungry, which says an awful lot
about me. Liv eats the brains of
stripper that’s associated with the Boss debacle and she immediately gets
snarky attitude, and a need
to grind up on people. Seeing Rose McIver strut her
pasty white self was
probably the highlight of my

Peyton and Liv,
I Ship It!

Credit: The CW

loving that
Peyton and Liv are
back in action! Peyton is now back as her roomie and this can
either be
super awesome, or end in bloodshed. I
swear, if they kill Peyton off I
will be sending a well-thought out and
passively aggressive letter to the

writing team for their ultimate wrongdoing of my sweet cinnamon roll. But,
getting off topic. These
two are working together because the dead stripper
called Peyton and was
able to roll over on her cheating
ex-boyfriend who was
very much in Boss’ pocket. It was sweet to see these
besties on the same side,
now that Peyton is privy to Liv’s zombie status, urging her to “see visions”

and eat the brains was awesome.
Speaking of awesome, while at the strip club
digging for clues on who
murdered the exotic dancer, we get Liv
giving Peyton a
lapdance! This was hilarious because Peyton was totally
weirded out by her best
grinding up on her, but after some great one-liners by both Rose McIver
Aly Michalka, the lap dance
happens. I have always loved Aly Michalka since
her Disney days, and getting
to see her in this role, as a
District Attorney and
totally adorable bestie has been awesome for the
teenager in me!

Rajor on

the Rocks

This was a pretty important episode for Ravi and Major.
off, Ravi’s suspicions
are raised when he sees Minor in an article in the
newspaper, one which
links his owner to the Chaos Killer.
After Ravi confronts
Major, Major denies that that’s the same dog and goes
on his merry way. Of
that’s not going to stop Ravi from digging some more, so he breaks into

Major’s safe and finds killing
equipment. I genuinely felt terrible for the guy.
He’s here putting %110
into his friendship and he’s a
murderer! When confronted
about the supplies and the fact that Major could
be the Chaos Killer, Major

seems super stressed and Ravi doesn’t seem to be letting up. This leads
Major to
turn back into a zombie
(it was only a matter of time) and Ravi tranquilizes
him. Damn. He was
trying to tell Ravi and it was just a
little too late. This
friendship is probably one of my favorites on the show
(next to Peyton and Liv,

obvi) and to see this bromance come to an end over failed communication was


Blaine’s Brain Bites

Blaine took the cure
now he can’t remember what a shit
head he is? Looks like the cure might have
finally worked, but at the
expense of the host losing all of their
memories. Pretty big trade-off, no? I don’t know what’s worse,
being human again
and not
remember anything, or being a zombie and never getting to be human
Tough call. I guess it’s only a
matter of time before Major takes the
cure and his memories go caput too.
Wahhh. But really, are we sure this
is the
cure at work? Or a really amazing plan on Blaine’s behalf. I want to
this is real life,
that he really can’t remember, but I will never put something
past Blaine
again. He’s too devious to be
underestimated and ruled out. His men
seem to be on the verge of joining the
drug biz after Peyton raided
Boss’ stash
house. I guess we’ll soon find out if Blaine will sit by idly as
his men get
involved in
something he forbid them to, or if he genuinely has lost his
marbles. This
is something new for David Anders,
and I’m jazzed to see how he
plays this one out. If he really doesn’t
remember, let’s add another clueless

human who doesn’t know zombies exist to the list.

Drake is


… or was? We learn
from Drake’s mom showing Liv pictures of
her son, as she’s grieving him (she
thinks he’s dead at the hands of
Boss), is a
cop! Which makes a whole lot of sense now that he would be
working for the
police department
undercover in order to infiltrate this drug and crime ring.
Too bad he was
kidnapped by Major and even though
Liv has no idea that he’s
safe… for now, that at least she knows he wasn’t a
total d-bag after



  • Bozzio is starting to piece

    everything together, and
    questioning everyone’s involvement. Did you see the way
    she made Ravi walk
    into that lie. Seemed she already
    knew that he had contact
    with Blaine and that he was lying hardcore through
    his adorable British


  • Can someone give Drake’s mom a hug? Poor woman
    thinks this
    is just about drugs
    and some undercover job… little does she know her son is a
    zombie and is
    just chillin’ in the freezer with a
    bunch of other undead
  • I can’t help but wonder if
    everyone just came clean
    their secrets, we wouldn’t be in half of the messes we have found these

    characters in. Come on, zombies, I
    think at this point y’all can handle anything
    despite the emotional

  • So… Vaughn’s
    daughter is a zombie
    now, and she’s been zombie-napped by her own father?
    This can’t end well for
    her. We
    know how her dad deals with the undead… by making them deader. RIP

Next Week’s


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