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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Physician, Heal Thy Selfie”


I actually really
enjoyed this episode. When I sat
down to watch I was feeling a
little meh and I
was like, come on, I can’t take tonight’s episode if it’s
going to be a total
But it was exceptional. I think that we’re finally getting to the meat
things and the stakes have risen to
a point where there might actually be
consequences for people’s actions. Oh,
who would have thunk! This week
Liv is
void of brains (for the start of the episode anyway) when her and
Clive are
investigating a triple
homicide with get this, no heads. Desperate for a fix
from her last meal,
Liv eats the brain of a social
media obsessed body chillin’
in the morgue after being hit by a bus. It was
funny to see this character

taking selfies, and instagramming her “brain food” but it was met with a
bit of an annoyance since
Liv was tending more to her blog than finding the
missing brains. All in all
it worked, but I know about ten
different reasons of
why it shouldn’t have.

Liv and


We kick off the episode
Liv still in bed with
Drake, after her horny Librarian brains wore off. She’s
questioning the
events from the night before after
finding out that Peyton slept
with Blaine, who hello is a bad guy! I guess
it’s true that you never really do

know someone, and you should probably not hop into bed with a zombie you
even know. Liv finds out
that Drake was sentenced to 22 months in jail for
aggravated assault and
begins to dodge his calls. He ended
up telling her a sob
story about how his mom’s boyfriend beat her and then
he snapped. Which is

understandable but cliche to say the least. That’s how he got the scar on
face. She ends up meeting
his mom who makes fun of Liv like “she has the
coloring of a paper towel”
and other hilarious things.

& Blaine

Blaine tries to convince
not to tank her career by coming clean about sleeping with him (aka her
– but then Liv comes into the
room and blows up Blaines spot so now he knows
that Liv and Peyton are
chummy. in other news, Blaine is still
trying to make
“Team Z” happen… it ain’t gonna happen. Peyton makes it clear
that Blaine was a
mistake, but I think we can all agree that she was starting to feel

something real with him– which doesn’t
bode well for the him being a bad guy,
or Team Ravi. boo.

out those
headless victims are part of the crime ring that Peyton has been
Liv almost runs
into Drake at Mr. Boss’ place of business. I guess she isn’t
aware of her
new boy toy working for such a
criminal mastermind.

& Ravi

Peyton is getting all the
this episode! And by
action we mean that there’s a lot of the story centered
around her, which
I’m happy about considering I’m a
huge Aly Michalka fan. We
get some great tender moments between Peyton and
Ravi and you just can’t help

but root for these two to find their way back to each other. They are going
to toe drinking and
needless to say Ravi cannot handle all of his liquor that
Peyton seems to
have no problem downing and then
functioning the next day. The
dynamic between Peyton and Ravi is adorable
and heartbreaking and I just want

them to love each other.

tries to resign, but the
Mayor isn’t having that. Don’t think that’s a good idea
to poke the bear,
but I think they’re going to go
after that. She goes to move
out of Ravi and Majors house and Ravi tries to
convince her that going after

Boss is only going to lead to him coming after her. I swear if Peyton dies…
riot! Ravi asks her to
stay– which gives me hope for their future. But she
doesn’t stay… wahhhh.

All Hail



Dale is still on the Chaos
Killer case and getting pretty damn
close to finding something big
out. Stop
while you’re ahead my pretty, it’s making me hella worried that
you might be
next to get the
ax. Is anyone else worried? I’m thoroughly enjoying watching
Jessica Harmon
on my screen and I so do not want
to see her maimed, dead, or
turned into a zombie. Well, turning into a
zombie wouldn’t be the worst thing

that came happen to a character on this show. Could it?

Major And Max Rager

anyone else kind of over this
plot? I think that Robert Buckley
could be doing more useful things, like
finding Minor and taking him back

because hello he didn’t even have a microchip in him… or helping Ravin find
cure for zombism. Hell,
getting it on with Liv even! I have a feeling that this
storyline might be
headed somewhere unexpected. Major
offers his help to Liv,
but she doesn’t take it citing that it’s too
dangerous for a non-zombie. Come
let the guy help out and get away from that Max Rager storyline for a

little. Ha.

Turns out a man that
Major told them is not a
zombie ended up getting killed by the
chaos killer. So
in order to get Major back on the straight and narrow they
threaten the lives of

innocent trolls online who are saying bad things about the product saying
if he doesn’t take our
Baracas then they’ll keep doing it. Which leaves Major in
a sticky
predicament. They tell him if he has any
issues located him to ask Liv
Moore. Dun dun dun. Awkward. In order to save
his life (or non life) and so

Baracas can one day see his son again, Major does what Major always does–
these zombies a better
option to take a deep freeze nap and hopefully when they
come to they’ll
have a cure.

Boss is Back in Town (Blaine Town that

Boss shows up at the funeral home, probably to scare the last
of living out of Blaine.
He came to collect the money that Blaine owes him since
the boat party. And
calculates 89 grand worth of lost
property and taxes… talk
about steep!

Clive’s on the Case

Clive finally catches on that
Baracas killer isn’t the
same as the Chaos killer and Boss killed him and made
it look like the other
murders. Clever Clive! Turns out
Baracas is a zombie and
he had the severed heads of the guys who tried to
abduct him (the ones on Boss’

payroll) in his fridge! Oh, did we mention he’s hiding in a crawl space
his cabin? Guess you
shouldn’t mess with a DA who happens to be a zombie too.

Oh and
did we mention that Blaine
is the new Lucky U player and Liv’s new
boyfriend is working for him… dun dun


Overall, this was a solid

episode– I’m waiting at the
edge of my bed trying to figure out how this is all
going to end. Will Major
finally get caught by… all
parties? Is Dale’s life in
danger? Will Ravi and Peyton rekindle their
romance? Oh gosh I hope so!

Anyways– tune in to see how the story unfolds. Until next



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