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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘The Whopper’

Published on February 17th, 2016 | Updated on February 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

This episode felt more like
a refresher course than any real new
development, although Blaine was
heavily explored, I had a few
hesitations about
the overall structure of the episode. But before I get
nitpicky, let’s get into
other happenings of the latest installment of iZombie. Liv’s brain
the week was discovered by Major
and Ravi while they were doing the digging
for tainted Utopium. Do these
people search for anything other
than drugs? Don’t
answer that. Utopium is an important part of the cure and
I guess it makes sense
they would be spending a great deal of time trying to track some down. Our

beloved Liv becomes a pathological
liar, after she eats the brains of Corey “Big
Fish” carp.


There was a whole lot
of lying going
on, mostly on Liv’s part and we’re not quite sure who is
telling the truth and
who isn’t.
The point of the episode was most likely to discombobulate the
audience and
make them completely and utterly
confused at what’s real, what’s
not, who’s a good guy and who ain’t. Job
well done, team. I was like what is



Clive is trying to convince
that Liv is taking on the
personality of the victims and we all are like, yes
finally you are catching
on my dear sweet detective, you.
I was super excited to
see this kind of development, although I had my
reservations because what fun

would the show be if it weren’t lying to someone somewhere? Especially
partner in crime


Credit: The CW

Major is in
some hot
water tonight, opposed to cutting it
close every other other night, and
Blaine’s henchmen have captured him.
Geez, first Max Rager trash and now
zombie drug dealers, this guy can’t catch a break. Blaine has identified
as the Chaos Killer.
Bad for business eh Blaine? It seemed a little odd that
these two would be
working together and that Major
would reveal that he’s
killing zombies under some shady circumstances… but
that’s what happens this

episode. And instead of killing Blaine’s customers, he’s gonna hand deliver
zombies to Major to
kill… hmmm… what could go wrong here?



There was a whole lot of Blaine in
this episode, and I think I
liked it. Huge fan of David Anders and I really
enjoyed the extra dose of some

character development and plot backstory. Turns out Blaine was tortured as a

child by his nanny, and
although not shocking to the viewers based on his
behavior– it was sad to
say the least. Instead of giving
Frau Bader, the nanny
who beat him while his dad sat back and watched, $100
million in his will for
a terrible human being to his son– Blaine has a brilliant plan to thaw
old dad and get the will
reversed. No one puts Blaine in the corner! Or an
ice box. I’m kind of happy
for Blaine, for hopefully
(successfully) standing up
to his menace of a father and finally getting
some payback. Or we hope it plays

out that way anyway.


Credit: The

a new love in Liv’s life, and
that’s Drake. Yes, the
one she was hot to trot over because of naughty
library brains seems to be the
Liv is falling harder and harder for these days. Oy. Does anyone else feel

like there’s something off about
him? I mean you can tell that Liv kind of feels
the same way as the audience
does… she just can’t quite put
her zombie finger on
it. Liv finds the tainted Utopium, and thank goodness
for that because New Hope,
rat who is supposed to be cured of zombies has died and they’re all pretty

much running out of time. So
thanks to Drake sending Liv’s zombie senses into
overdrive when he called
out sick while on hypochondriac
brains. Payback’s a
bitch, yeah?


Anyone wanna know
where Liv’s family is?
where did they go– how is her brother doing? Does Mom still hate her for

not giving her brother blood in his
time of need? I think it was funny that Liv
lied to Drake about her brother
being at the door (when it was in
fact Major)
just shows that we really have no idea who is telling the truth
and who is lying
these days.
And perhaps Liv still has feelings for Major and doesn’t want Drake
to know.
Maybe that’s the point– that
iZombie will never tie up loose
ends and we’ll just be going crazy in
the head. They’re after our
brains… aren’t
they? Ha. But seriously. Digging up that fake leg seemed a
little too easy and
I’m left
sitting here like WTF mate. Not the best episode there’s been but I
this whole expository snafu had
it’s fun and we’re back to delectable
brains and zingers next week? No?
Okay. Can’t wait!

P.S. Bring
Peyton… where da heck is mah baby girl. Like really though– isn’t
Stacy Boss
still after her?

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