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Hilarie Burton Thanks Fans for Sending Jeffrey Dean Morgan ‘Home in One Piece’

We know we’re preaching to the choir here when we say that there are few things as exciting as those butterflies you get right before a convention. No matter how many times you travel to see your favorite celebrities or meet up with the friends turned family you meet through fandoms, there’s a certain thrill of anticipation. There’s nothing else in the world like it.

However, there’s also nothing like getting to sleep in your own bed and being close to your own family back at home. It’s hard to be away from people you love, even if what’s keeping you away is exciting and full of love, too.

That’s especially true for the stars who travel around the world to visit fans for busy weekends at a time. In addition to busy filming schedules, promo tours, and frequently getting called in for reshoots, some of the celebrities we admire most rarely get time to unwind and just ‘be’ at home.

There’s no more accurate show of that then when their loved ones welcome them home with excitement and gratitude. In an Instagram post today, Hilarie Burton told fans at Walker Stalker ‘thank you’ for sending Jeffrey home to her in one piece. It put into perspective for us, again, just how much these stars give of themselves to their fans.

The hashtags show that the person who really deserves thanks is Jeffrey himself. He took a redeye home to be there with his family after a weekend away and their time is more valuable now than ever. They’re preparing for the birth of their daughter and Gus is preparing for his role as big brother.

We know they’re all going to ace it and we couldn’t be more happy for their (growing) family.

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