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12 Days of TWD: 6 of our favorite Negan one-liners

Published on December 20th, 2016 | Updated on December 20th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead introduced it’s most terrorizing, vulgar, and somehow charismatic villain at the end of season 6 and alongside him has come blood, brains, and some very colorful one-liners. Negan completely flipped the switch and changed everything that the characters on the show, and the fans at home, knew about everything. Since he first walked onto our screens in his leather jacket, swinging Lucille, we’ve been thrown for one loop after another and another and then another.

The thing is, we’ve sort of enjoyed it, and if you’re honest with yourselves, you probably have too. So when we look back at the first half of season 7, one of the things (or many of the things) that stand out the most are Negan’s one-liners and his snarky attitude. There are YouTube videos, entire pages on Tumblr, and Twitter accounts dedicated to Negan and rightfully so; he’s a fundamental part of our world now.

It was hard to narrow down his one-liners to the best 7, but we did it…here goes.

“Holy crap. You are creepy as shit sneakin up on me wearing that collar with that freaky ass smile.”

“Man I love a gal that buys me dinner and doesn’t expect me to put out.”

That is a mighty big nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it you most certainly mother fuckin will.”

“You know you do the same exact stink eye as your dad except it’s only half as good cause, well…you know, you’re missing an eye.”

“Not making a decision is a BIIIIIG decision.”

“In case you haven’t caught on, I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.”

While we may hate to admit it, we’re going to anyway, pretty much everything that comes out of Negan’s mouth is comedic gold and somehow makes him grow on us more. There’s just something that Jeffrey brings to Negan that is an indescribable kind of enticing and we’re all in.

What has been your favorite piece of Negan dialogue this far? Let us know!

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