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Twitter Welcomes Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Published on August 6th, 2016 | Updated on August 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a household name, from television shows like Supernatural and The Good Wife to films like The Posession and P.S I Love You, Morgan has made his mark in entertainment with charisma, charm, and a knack for drawing viewers in with both heart and passion.

Recently, Morgan was cast as The Walking Dead’s most vicious and unforgiving villain to date with an immediate sense of fear and power radiating off of his character, Negan.  His character has only been given moments of screen time so far but his impression was definitely made, and it’s only going to get bigger from here.  In a recent interview, Morgan spoke of season 7 and said, quite frankly, “It’s fu—- Negan’s world now”.

Twitter, among other social media sites, blew up when he made his mark on TWD but Morgan was absent from the discussion.

Now, however, fans can expect to see interaction from Morgan as he finally joined Twitter with a verified account, proving it’s legitimacy.

Not only are fans anxiously awaiting the wrath of Negan in season 7, it was announced just last week that Morgan would join Walker Stalker Atlanta – now fans are looking forward not only to the October, but to seeing what Morgan will provide until then.

He’s yet to actually Tweet, with his account literally poping up mere hours ago, but he does have an icon – of him next to the cutest dog, ever – and a header that shows Negan and Lucielle in front of the well loved characters fans of TWD have grown to love.

For this reason, among others, fans were expected to immediately hate Negan but looking at a deeper picture, we can only imagine there will be many layers revealed as season 7 goes on and we believe he’ll be a lot more like our favorite characters than we might imagine right now.

And who knows, maybe Morgan will provide some clues on his new Twitter account along the ride (and some awesome behind the scenes cast selfies).

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