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Henry Cavill Celebrates “Aquaman” Success

Aquaman has surpassed Wonder Woman at the global box office reaching over $800 million, making it the second-biggest DCEU movie with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in front by just a mere $50 million.

In the coming weeks, while Aquaman is still dominating the box office, we could see Aquaman surpass the $1 billion mark which hasn’t been achieved by DC since the Dark Knight trilogy.

Obviously, the fans and the team behind the massive project, including the actors themselves, are ecstatic about its earnings and overall reception. While its ratings are considerably lower on Rotten Tomatoes compared to Wonder Woman, the common consensus among fans has been incredibly positive.

But the cast of Aquaman weren’t the only ones who celebrated its worldwide success.

The Last Son of Krypton, Henry Cavill, not only praised DC’s newest film but also shared his congratulations all the way from Hungary on Instagram with this post:

With Cavill’s involvement in the DCEU seemingly confirmed by Superman himself after the drama concerning his apparent departure in September 2018, it’s nice to see Henry showing support not only to his fellow cast-mates but also to the DC universe.

With no sign of a Man of Steel sequel in sight, maybe we can see Henry Cavill take the mantel of a fellow Atlantean. He certainly looks the part.

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