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Harley Quinn Gets A Third Season ; DC Universe Rebranding!

DC offered us two different pieces of news that, honestly, didn’t come as much of a shock. Unsurprisingly, Harley Quinn, the hit R-rated animated show starring Kaley Cuoco, will be getting a third season! We have no idea when Harley Quinn season 3 will land but we’re hoping it isn’t too long. The foul-mouthed Harlequin captured our hearts during the first two seasons of the former DC Universe original show.

Season one and two, which may as well have been one season, saw Harley Quinn escape her toxic relationship with the Joker. We were able to grow attached and grow with her as she found herself and eventually fell in love with Ivy. Watching Harley navigate her newfound feelings for her best friend while realizing she too could be toxic, was an incredible journey. This is a show that was successful at so many important things. It properly portrayed toxic relationships, had a well-done LGBT romance blossom and I can’t think of a single episode that was bad. Harley Quinn also made Kite-Man a cool character, so, y’know… there’s that.

Harley Quinn Gets A Third Season ; DC Universe Rebranding!
Harley Quiin/Poison Ivy

The third season of Harley Quinn will not be heading to DC Universe, however. Instead, the R-rated show will be heading off to HBO Max to join episodes of Doom Patrol. The reason for this is because DC Universe is shifting its entire model and becoming something else. DC Universe will be shifting to something called DC Universe Infinite. I’m sure you all know where this is going. DC Universe will be shifting its model to focus solely on DC’s large library of comics. DC is planning to update the service to have 24,000 comics at its launch. There will be digital first series and DC books will be added to the digital format 6 months after release as opposed to a year. This is a model that has worked very well for Marvel in the past (see Marvel Unlimited)! There’s even going to be content exclusive to DC Universe Infinite!

“Our fans love the platform’s robust library of comic books and, with the transformation, we will not disappoint. I’m excited to share that not only will DC Universe Infinite members still be able to read all of the great comics that they’ve enjoyed but new issues are debuting on the platform quicker than before, digital first exclusives are being created, and the members-only events will begin as soon as possible. There has never been a better time to be a DC fan!” is what Jim Lee, DC Publisher and CCO, had to say.

It’s not necessarily bad news. Young Justice Outsiders, Titans and Doom Patrol will find a new home at HBO Max and Stargirl has already been moved over to the CW to join their lineup of DC shows. The only thing I’m worried about is where the older shows are going to go, including the animated series that DC has on DC Universe. Hopefully DC will make this clear before the launch of DC Universe Infinite.

A far as Harley Quinn goes, however, we know the series will continue to explore toxic relationships throughout its third season.

“That’s the big thing for us to chew on,” Justin Halpern, one of the showrunners, said. “The thing we have discussed preliminarily is the idea that these two characters have had a lot of toxic relationships in their past. Although Ivy and Kite Man wasn’t toxic, it also wasn’t an equal relationship, you know? He loved her a lot more than she loved him. “So this is the first time they’re both going to be in a relationship where they really and truly have affection towards one another. They have a lot of responsibility. So I think like, ‘what is it like to be in a good relationship after you’ve only ever been in bad relationships with abusive people?’ is a big theme we want to play with.”

He then went on to discuss how he’s far more interested in exploring Ivy and Harley and not whether or not Joker gets a new girlfriend. If we’re lucky, though, maybe Punchline will make an appearance!

For now though, we wait for more news on Harley Quinn season 3.



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