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Happy Birthday Shantel VanSanten! Here Are the Reasons Why We Loved Patty Spivot on ‘The Flash’

Published on July 25th, 2017 | Updated on July 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

A Fan Fest Family Happy Birthday to Shantel VanSanten who turned 32 today!

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Sitting with my heart as I start the first day of another year. I always like to reflect back as I move forward. I begin with gratitude. For another chance to be a better version of myself. For the love I was given & shown this last year. For the failures and disappointments that lead me to grow. For the lessons which made me more aware and compassionate. For the heartbreak which made me braver and forced me to face my doubt of self-love. I move forward releasing comparisons, judgments or expectations. Knowing I am not perfect and nothing goes as I have planned. Onward instead with the intention to be present in each moment and live in my truth. Using my heart as a guide as I develop more of my authentic voice. Knowing all I need is here in this moment… I surrender to all that has been, I trust the unknown, and accept all that is to come! Hello 32!!! #trulyblessed

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She’s currently starring on USA’s Shooter as the badass Julie Swagger.

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And starred on The CW’s One Tree Hill as Quinn James for three seasons. Her co-star James Lafferty is also celebrating his birthday today!

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Although, most of you probably recognize her from her role on The CW’s The Flash back in Season 2. She played the awesomely lovable Patty Spivot.

While she was only on the show for a season, she put on a great performance and gave us so many reasons to be Team Patty!

1. Even though Joe was hesitant about putting her on his task force, she didn’t take no for an answer and kicked some ass until he finally let her.

2. And when she knew she was often outmatched she always fought for what she knew what right and wanted to protect everyone in Central City.

3. She was a super cute match for Barry at the time.

4. And she had a good head on her shoulders

4. Lastly, she was fierce as hell and had no problem standing up to metahumans.

“You think you were chosen. The rest of us don’t mean anything. But it’s not true. You were just at the right place at the right time. Getting those powers didn’t change who you are. They only highlighted the worst parts of who you already were.”

And even though she left, she left on good terms and with the hopes of becoming a CSI – so it’s safe to say she’s still kicking ass somewhere. 

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So, happy birthday Shantel. Thanks for bringing Patty Spivot and so many more characters to life and for being a part of the Fan Fest Family!


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