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Greg Berlanti Confirms ‘Booster Gold’ Movie in the Works

Greg Berlanti Confirms Booster Gold Movie in the Works

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Greg Berlanti, the mastermind behind DCTV, confirmed that a movie centered around the time- traveling Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, is in development. According to Berlanti, Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class, Thor) has been hired to pen the script. The film hasn’t officially received a green light, but Warner Bros. is at least
moving forward with a script. There’s a possibility of Berlanti acting as director if the film moves into production.

Booster Gold is a character that Berlanti has been trying to get onto TV for some time. With the newest series Legends of Tomorrow, it was rumored that Booster Gold would make an appearance, since he is a time traveler. Perhaps the reason that never happened is because of Warner Bros.’ plans to take him to the big screen. If he does make it, then we should expect a more fun and lighthearted film than Batman v Superman.

What do you think of the possibility of Booster Gold joining the cinematic universe? Or do you wish that he would have found a place on TV?

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