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German Customs Seize 35 Metric Tons of Fidget Spinners

They’re here, they’re there, they’re EVERYWHERE! As I was casually walking around the Wildwood Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ, I noticed that almost every single store along the boardwalk had signs for these ‘fidget spinners’.

The boardwalk isn’t the only place I’ve seen these things advertised. The King of Prussia Mall is literally full of them as well. You can find them in pretty much any variety. I saw a few that were superhero themed, and one that even looked like the golden snitch from Harry Potter. It’s amazing the variety that they can come in.

While here in America the fidget spinner is flying off the shelves, not all locations agree that the creation of the spinning toy is for glee.

An airport in Germany has taken a strong anti-fidget spinner stance, stopping 35 metric tons of the toys from entering the country.

Customs officials at an airport in Frankfurt said children could potentially choke on pieces that might detach from the whirling contraptions, and that they planned to destroy the seized toys, according to the Associated Press:

Frankfurt airport customs authorities said Friday they confiscated 35 metric tons of the tiny twirling gadgets in May alone and plan on crushing them out of existence.

They say they tested the toys, which came in multiple shipments from China, and found that bits could fall off and pose possible choking hazards for small children.

The fidget spinner has been claimed by many to help kids who have ADD and anxiety, occupying their mind in the toughest and most uncomfortable of situations.

Currently, the spinners are still being held up, pending a further investigation.

Sources: TIME, Washington Post

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