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Four Things to Do to Avoid ‘Infinity War’ Spoilers This Week

Avengers: Infinity War premieres in sunny California this evening which means the internet is likely to contain spoilers moments after the theater lights come on. Thanos has demanded our silence, and on a serious note, the cast and crew worked so hard they all really deserve it. However, we know that won’t stop everyone from running to their outlet to spill about the movie.

To hopefully assist with this issue, we came up with 4 things you can do to ensure you don’t see spoilers this week.

4. Have someone hide your laptop

You can’t be trusted to just turn it off walk away for the next 4 days. So ask a friend to hide it. Since you probably can’t exactly live without your phone this week (responsibilities), you should probably either mute literally everything on social media or just log out of all apps and pretend you forgot what your internet browser icon looks like.

3. Learn to knit

Admittedly, this might take longer than 4 days, but it sounds like a good hobby to start. You might actually be fantastic at it and come up with a cool Avengers scarf before you hit theaters. Then you can wrap it around your face when you’re crying. Don’t act like you won’t be crying, we’re all going to be crying.

2. Buy a 10,000 piece puzzle

Barnes and Noble has a great selection of them. Everything from Robert Kinkaid paintings to Disney puzzles and even some skyscraper type 3d masterpieces. You’ll stay busy, especially if you pick one with a lot of similar colors.

1. Marathon all the MCU films and ignore everything else.

If you need us, this is what we’ll be doing. We’ve stopped our Vampire Diaries binge and started over again from the beginning. It might be hard to fit them all into the next four days, that whole responsibilities thing again, but you can watch as soon as you find downtime until you fall asleep.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th. We’re staying spoiler free until our film review this weekend, so if you can’t stay away, you’ll be safe with us.