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Five Types of Conventions We Wish Were Real

When you’re an invested fan of all things pop culture, you notice things in your life beginning to change. You have countdowns on your phone, not just for special holidays or occasions, but for film premieres, comic book debuts, and your weekly evening schedule involves a lot of television series watching followed by time on social med

The life of a pop culture fanatic is noticeably different from those who are just ‘casual fans’ of things from comic books to films and television series and internet sensations. There are more ‘vacations’ taken through a year, but not always to a beautiful chalet or tropical paradise, instead, we travel to cities and stay in hotels and spend our weekends in the halls of conventions where we’re surrounded by pop culture, our favorite celebrities, and fans who appreciate the experience as much as we do.

There are planes, cars, trains, and busses that haul fans from one city to the next, and even those long flights overseas for some of us who are frequent attendees. We see a lot of the same guests at our own conventions, from city to city, with both Heroes and Villains and Walker Stalker – it’s a family that we’ve built and we love to see it grow.

There are other big name conventions that see regular guests as well, and we’re not just talking about the celebrities, but as you attend some of these conventions over and over – and love it every time – do you ever wonder what other types of conventions you’d love to attend?

We gave it some thought and while we aren’t quite sure that they’d all be successful, it might be fun to go to a few of these themed conventions just once.

Shark Con
We’ve already got Shark Week, we’ve got films and television shows about both real and fake shark bites and attacks as well as information on types of sharks, how they survive, etc. How cool would a convention about Sharks be? Or even a sea-life convention? Bring in experts on all things sharks (and other underwater creatures) show Jaws, Shallows, etc, highlight some of the best of Shark Week, and dress up as everything from Katy Perry’s left shark to Jaws yourself. It would be super cool to learn more about the animals and other underwater creatures by the people who study them for a living.

Grey’s Anatomy Con
There’d probably be a lot of crying, like…a lot. Kleenex could totally sponsor it and we’d be set. Grey’s has been a staple of pop culture for years and yes, there are people who just don’t get why it’s still a show, but there are a lot of us who love it and have really grown attached to the characters and their storylines. At least, the ones Shonda hasn’t killed off. So maybe a convention would be a bit difficult when it comes to getting the stars together, especially the ones who are off the series now, but we can dream, right? We wouldn’t need to call in any medical experts for this one, it would just be cool to have panels with the celebs talking, with guests asking questions, and can you imagine the cosplay? We’d attend the con for sure.

Disney Con (but not like D23 Expo)
Some people dress up as their favorite Disney villains or princesses at conventions already, but how cool would it be to have a Disney themed convention just for that? Where we all dressed up as our favorite Disney characters? There could be themed panels, a princess ball, good vs evil cosplay. We could even stream some movies with disney themed treats. So, we’re definitely rooting for this one.

Throw Back Con
Okay, hear us out. What if there was a convention that traveled and each date was a different decade or era? The 1990’s in Chicago, the 1970’s in LA? Take it a step further and bring out things that were popular in pop culture then too, throw in some classics from Nickelodeon (because that was huge for a while) and you’ve got awesome convention stops. What if people dressed up like characters from Good Burger? Okay, maybe we just need a Nickelodeon convention. Yep, we’ll take that.

A Chris Convention
Okay, hear us out again. It would be hilarious to have a convention with just the Chris’, you know…Pine, Hemsworth, Evans, and Pratt. First, it would be hilarious because their personalities together are incredible. Second, it would be the…prettiest convention we’ve ever attended, and third, do we really need any excuses to want to see the Chris’ together? Also, maybe their sidekicks could come along from stop to stop to…maybe Sebastian Stan? He can be an honorary Chris.

Bonus Convention – This Is Us Con
Another one sponsored by Kleenex, but how awesome would a This Is Us con be? So, the show is early in its existence, we know, but it’s also totally swept the hearts of people all across the country, and everyone who has seen it around the world, so there is a large enough fan base to make it work. Seriously.

So…maybe a few of these are a bit unrealistic, but that’s the fun in it. If you could choose five conventions, what would they be?

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