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Walker Stalker Con Atlanta: The Cast Of FTWD Provides Lots Of Laughs

Published on October 22nd, 2019 | Updated on October 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

This past season the characters on Fear the Walking Dead faced many challenges. They overcame many issues but ultimately were separated by the end of the season. With the separation, many questions arise as to where the show is heading in season six. Who will return? How will these characters get back to one another? Will they continue to be helping others the way they have been doing? Despite not much information is available about next year’s season yet, the available actors of FTWD know how to create a memorable panel.  This year, Walker Stalker Con welcomed to the stage Garrett Dillahunt, Austin Amelio, Jenna Elfman, Maggie Grace, Mo Collins, Alexa Nisenson, and Cooper Dodson.

The panel started with an extremely interesting question from the moderator. “When you go to a convention like this since you all put out boxes on the show to help people, what would you want in a box at a convention to take?” The entire cast began to look around at one another, agreeing this was a great question before giving their answers. Nisenson hoped to find “Lots and lots of different colored sharpies.” Jenna Elfman’s request of “more Starbucks gift cards please,” is one that most convention attendees can relate to after a long weekend there.  Cooper Dodson’s answer was by far the cutest as he simply has the request of “some puppies please.

Cooper Dodson - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Cooper Dodson – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

A fan asked the question most of us have wondered since the finale.  What would an apocalypse honeymoon look like?  Collins joked that they “probably are not going to consummate the marriage.” Dillahunt was not so sure and ready to agree with her on the matter though.  Elfman remarked, “Quality time in the SWAT van would be nice.”  However, don’t expect any apocalyptic babies any time soon from June.  She explained, “No, because we have.  Grace is pregnant.  Karen Davis’s character so I think she has that story, ya know, you have a new life a new future and that’s checking off that box.”  Although this might not be in the immediate future for John and June, I already see them having a child in Charlie.

John and June were a hot topic at the convention.  The moderator even admitted at one point he felt that their love story has surpassed Maggie and Glenn’s story.  The audience’s reaction was priceless as was Dillahunt’s who made it clear he did not mention it.  Their chemistry on-screen radiates out and reminds us all of what love should be.  John never gave up looking for her, which is what makes his friendship with Dwight so interesting.  This is also what makes the moment so pure when he admits to Dwight that he had lied to him about the last letter found.  Of course, this could be a potential love triangle according to the panel.  When asked what lengths John would go through to get June, Dillahunt jokingly said, “Well provided I don’t meet someone interesting on the road,” to which Elfman quipped “Dwight is single.”

Mo Collins & Austin Amelio - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Mo Collins & Austin Amelio – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

I hope that the fan theory given during the panel that Sherry will show up and save Morgan is true.  I love this idea and would love to see her in the FTWD universe.  My added twist is she left originally because she was pregnant.  The idea of Dwight getting some sort of happily ever after with Sherry and somewhat getting to stick it to Negan excites me.  Plus, even though Amelio is determined that he will never be back in Alexendria it could present an interesting crossover in the future. Between the soon to be three shows we might have some NBC Chicago action happening soon.  Sadly that is my mere speculation.

Another topic arose in regard to Sarah’s potential love life on the show as well.  Collins explained that “the way I feel about Sarah is that she’s a bit asexual.  I just think that probably not the first thing on her mind.  Whether or not that is menopause deciding that I don’t know.  But I just don’t think she thinks about that to be perfectly honest.  Maybe a snuggle here and there regardless of whom, but that’s bout it.” While we do not have a backstory about Sarah yet, I want this to be a part of her character.  Representation of all kinds is so important in television and movies these days.  Asexuality is by far underrepresented in the media.  If this is something they could convey on the show I think it would be absolutely wonderful.  Though it does squash the hope of an Al and Sarah romance.

Maggie Grace - FTWD Panel - WSCATL 2019
Maggie Grace – FTWD Panel – WSCATL 2019 – Photo By: Michelle Patterson

Additionally, one of the funnier moments I within the panel was when Dillahunt pulling Collins’ chair slowly toward him and away from Amelio.  Soon thereafter, Amelio found himself slowly sliding her chair back toward him.  Collins meanwhile laughed and shook her head at the two of their antics, which the fans who noticed enjoyed.  The FTWD cast consists of genuine actors who truly love their roles.  They love their fans and they want to be able to provide a performance that resonates with audiences.  On top of that, they truly care about taking the time out to make their fans laugh at these people.  As serious as they are on the show, they are equally as talented and amazing off-screen as well.

Were you at this particular panel at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta this year?  Let us know what your favorite part of the panel was below.





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