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Todd Phillips Shares First Look of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

September 4, that was the day that Todd Phillips decided to tease us with the start of production of the long-awaited Joker origin movie. It was an ode to Heath Ledger at the same time. The same vibe got delivered to us, now that Todd Phillips has given us the first look of Joaquin Phoenix as the man in the pre-joker phase. Take a look below at the Instagram post:

First things first, we immediately see the name ‘Arthur,’ which brings us to the previous speculations that the character’s name would be Arthur Fleck (thank you the internet for getting that right). It also probably means that we will see Zazie Beetz as his love interest on the screen, and it gives us more insight to the man before he joined the circus.

The second thing is the hair. It’s very Heath Ledger like, which is setting a tone and a level of Joker that we might see. Fans who are worried about the look, don’t you worry, because this origin movie is giving us the Alan Moore based story of The Killing Joke. Where, in this case, Arthur Fleck is a failed comedian that is pushed to insanity. Not a lot is known about this movie, except for a few cast members like Zazie Beetz, Robert DeNiro, and of course, Joaquin Phoenix.

What do you think of Joaquin Phoenix‘ pre-Joker look? Is it everything you expected it to be? Discuss it with us in the comments below.

Joker will hit theaters on October 4, 2019.