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Fan Fest Guide to Summer Hiatus

Published on June 16th, 2017 | Updated on June 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Fan Fest Guide to Summer Hiatus

Summer is in full swing, which means that pretty much all of our favorite shows are on summer hiatus. We must endure the months of painstaking waiting, coming up with crazy hypotheses for what next season will entail. Or crying because the finale ended in a massive cliffhanger and everyone you love might be dead (you know who you are).

So what should you do during these long summer days? Here’s a quick guide to keep you busy while we wait for the new season to begin.

1. Re-watch your favorite shows from the beginning

Already too far into that post-season funk? Just start the whole thing over again.

2. Binge a new show

Been waiting for an opportunity to start a new show? Now’s your chance! Sit back and watch that massively long series that you never thought you would have time for.

3. Remember that Game of Thrones is coming back

One of the biggest and best shows on television right now just happens to air over the summer, and thank goodness for that. It helps ease a little bit of the waiting pain.

4. Remember that Game of Thrones has a shortened season and is close to ending

Why? Why does the one summer saving grace have to be near its finale?

5. Exercise

It’s okay to spend your summer binging a show, but every now and then maybe get off the couch and move around.

6. Connect with nature

Don’t spend your entire summer in your dark cave. Breathe in some of that fresh air. Find a nice trail and do some hiking, or go for a bike ride, or just chill at the beach.

7. Spend time with family

Talk to your family. Better yet, talk to your family about your favorite TV shows. Nothing is more satisfying than dragging someone you know down the television rabbit hole. Spread your suffering around.

8. Take a vacation

It’s the perfect time to travel! Go somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be far away. Just get out and experience something different.

9. Read a book

Did a new book or comic come out but you never got around to reading it? Now you have all the time in the world!

10. Cry and hope that summer goes by quickly

Don’t worry. It’ll be okay. Before we know it, our favorite shows will be back on the air, ready to blow our minds and break our hearts all over again.

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