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Fan Fest Fuzzies: WATCH These Awesome Animal Moms!

Most of us ‘humans’ celebrated Mother’s Day this past Sunday, so it is only fitting that this week’s Fan Fest Fuzzies honor all the animal mothers of the cute creatures we highlight each week.

The Dodo put together a wonderful compilation of videos that showcase brave and fierce moms looking after their young in the wild. Whether they are fending of predators or helping their adorable little ones figure out how to do things, these moms are doing their best to take care of their offspring.

The video includes a giraffe protecting her baby from lions who have gotten a little too close for comfort. It also shows an elephant mom chasing wild dogs away from her little one, while another clip captures a mama bear saving her cub from the wrong side of the highway. Three examples of the lengths mothers will go to in order to protect their young.

Additionally, there is a mommy swan patiently waiting in a pool of water while her little babies climb onto her back and peek out from under her wings. Goes to show that babies love climbing on their mothers no matter what kind of animals they are. There is also an adorable otter mom grooming her baby, and a baby elephant who gets a little extra help from mom to get out of a muddy situation. The patience and love displayed by these moms is what every baby needs!

One of our favorites is a clip of a mother dog with a litter of tiny pups. She carries each of them into the arms of her foster mom because she has come to completely trust her with her precious newborns. Doesn’t this one just give you all the warm and fuzzy feels?

Watch these amazing animal moms prove that awesomeness comes in all shapes, sizes, and species!

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