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Fan Fest Fuzzies: WATCH These Amazing Animal Dads and Their Furry Babies!

This past Sunday, many of us celebrated Father’s Day and so for this week’s Fan Fest Fuzzies, we wanted to celebrate some awesome animal dads and all the wonderful things they do for their animal babies.

The Dodo created a Father’s Day compilation of devoted animal dads with hearts of gold. These guys are class acts and will bend over backwards to make sure their furry counterparts have the best life imaginable.

The video includes a corgi and his dad who are two peas in a pod as they do everything together – sleeping, eating, and even exercising. There is also a clip of a driver who found a dog on the side of the road and with help from a vet, nursed it back to health. There are dads who saved their tiny kittens from being stuck in a car to stranded in a tree. There’s also a dad who travels the globe with his little pug.

Additionally, there is a story of kitten who helped her animal dad propose to his fiancé. The special member of the family was in their wedding and goes everywhere that they go. There are two special animal dads, who opened not only their hearts but their homes to a bunch of rescue pets such as dogs, cats, a pig, and more!

Our favorite clip to highlight is of an adorable pig who was born with deformed back legs. When his original owner was unable to care for him, the vet decided to adopt him rather than put him down. Using toy parts, his dad created an apparatus that allowed the pig to move around on its own. From the video, it is clear that little Chris P. Bacon lives a full life all thanks to his heroic dad!

Watch these amazing animal dads who are their pet’s number one fans!

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