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Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to ‘Crisis on Earth-X’

Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to ‘Crisis on Earth-X’

This year’s massive four-way crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow promised to outdo the ‘Invasion!’ event from last year, and boy, did it do that and then some. In a move that differs from the crossovers of the past, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ was presented as a four-hour mini-series instead of episodes between shows that tied together. From the action to the romance to that heartbreaking goodbye, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ was firing on all cylinders.

Here at Fan Fest, we have a team of Arrowverse expects who constantly talk theories, ideas, and expectations for all the shows and could literally talk about the Arrowverse all day. It’s no surprise that we have a lot to say about ‘Crisis on Earth-X,’ but we’ll try and keep it brief.

Brianna Martinez: This may have been the best crossover, yet. It felt like the most cohesive one they’ve filmed, with the characters really coming together. The emotions and the heavy character moments were highlights for me because I feel that’s where these shows have always thrived, in the hearts of these characters. These shows’ strengths are when they hone in on the characters, their struggles, their growth, their losses, their triumphs and ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ had that in spades.

Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to 'Crisis on Earth-X'

Julia Valenti: I was completely blown away! This year’s crossover was, without a doubt, the best one that the CW has put out for our superhero-verse. It had the absolute perfect balance of action, humor and a perfect touch of romance. There were also so many shocking revelations and moments, that I literally found myself wanting more and more. Everything was amazing. It was also fantastic to see Tommy return, in addition to Moira as the voice of Gideon on Earth-X! This is a crossover I will find myself watching again and again!

Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to 'Crisis on Earth-X'

Joe Pellicone: If this was the last superhero film/show i could ever watch, I’d still be completely satisfied. It was everything and gave every character a chance to shine. Since we’re always analyzing trailers and studying images, I was afraid it’d be spoiled for me, but there was so much i never imagined. That final line up shot was always great, but seeing Killer Frost and the others circle in at the end was perfection. Everyone had such a great moment to shine and in many ways, this crossover could have served as a multi-series finale.

Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to 'Crisis on Earth-X'

Alyssa Tieman: The crossover is literally my favorite time of year because it is so much fun to see everyone gathered together (interacting with people they don’t normally interact with) and kicking some serious booty. This year ramped it up to 11, delivering four hours of pure entertainment. Having 21 heroes gathered on the Waverider for a single shot was pure eye-candy. But ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ also produced some of the most raw emotion that’s been seen in a crossover (and challenges even the most emotional moments from the regular season). We’ve grown to love all of the characters over the years and it is heartbreaking to see them suffering. After watching the last two episodes, I felt like I had been on an emotional roller coaster, and I’m okay with that. In the end, the balance of action, comedy, and sadness made this crossover the best superhero team-up ever. I honestly could’ve watched a few more hours worth of ‘Crisis on Earth-X.’

Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to 'Crisis on Earth-X'

What did you think of this year’s crossover event?

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