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Did We Miss a Reference to The Kingdom in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale?

The big question we left with
after The Walking Dead Season
6 finale was obviously the big one-
who did Negan kill? That we don’t
(aside from our theories which are most likely true).

Fans have
been so
focused on that huge
cliffhanger that some may have overlooked one of the many
easter eggs they
would have been analyzing

As the Alexandria
chapter comes to a close because of
Negan, the group is at his mercy for
time being. In the comics, the next big colony that we are scheduled to
run into
is called The
Kingdom. It takes place in a high school building and involves a
had me at tiger.

There have
already been rumors swirling about
the casting of a main character at The
kingdom, Ezekiel. We
already seem to have gotten a taste of it when
two armored fellows swooped
in to save Carol and Morgan at the
end of the
season. They are rumored to be some of The Kingdom’s men. Not to
mention they
are good guys
compared to Negan.



So even
further, there is a scene
that took place in the finale,
where behind Morgan
hangs a photo of a castle-a “kingdom”

Take a look!

Do you think that photo is hinting
that we may see
The Kingdom
sooner than we think?


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