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Did This YouTube Ad Reveal the Premiere Date for Season 8 of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Fans of The Walking Dead have been counting down the days until SDCC for a number of reasons. There will be a set of new cast photos, the panel for the show is always one of our favorites, and we’ll get the premiere date alongside the trailer for season 8.

While we aren’t set to get our SDCC dose of The Walking Dead until Friday, it look a like a YouTube ad may have revealed the premiere date before the announcement would be made this weekend.

A viewer saw the ad and tweeted it immediately and not only does it show the date for the series return as October 22nd, it shows an awesome photo summing up them recurring theme of the ultimate war being fought.

The battle lines have been drawn, sides have been taken and lives have been lost – there’s no option now than an all out fight for not just power, but livelihood and survival. While Negan and the Saviors have held the upper hand up to this point, they’re missing one thing – heart.

What it all comes down to is what you’re willing to fight for and how far you’re willing to go to protect it, and Negan’s camp is lacking in brotherhood and family. Will that finally be enough to break them?

Looks like those questions will begin to be answered, if the ad is correct, on October 22nd. Will you be tuning in to see if ruling by heart or fear wins? We know we will be, and we know who we’re placing our bets on too.