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The ‘Deadpool 2’ Honest Trailer is Here Featuring Deadpool

Well, it seems that the guys at ScreenJunkies were flooded with the question when a Deadpool 2 honest trailer would come out. After a long wait, we finally got it, and Ryan Reynolds joined in on the fun using his voice as, of course, Deadpool.

The honest trailer starts off with a bang when they introduce the second movie, describing it as a surprise, but this one came three weeks after a funeral. Touché, ScreenJunkies. They even showed the most heartbreaking scene out of all the Infinity War deaths. Just when they wanted to start off into the film, they get cut short by Ryan Reynolds‘ voice as Deadpool. The moment they ask ‘Deadpool?’ and he answers the question, and name drops Banksy I’m nearly peeing my pants of laughter.

From this point on they go entirely into the movie. We’re not going to give away too much about it, because this is meant to be seen, and not meant to be read. Deadpool is throwing shade at the guys behind the Honest Trailers, and they better should spend their time making one about Coco (yes, the Disney movie). When the voice of the Honest Trailer guy says they like that movie, Deadpool gasps dramatically, in a way only he can do.

That’s why he presents us with an Honest Trailer for Honest Trailers. You can watch the Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer below. Please, I do beg of you, do look specifically at the comments when they announce the Honest Trailer for Honest Trailers. Hint: “Do The Proposal.”

Deadpool 2 the Super Duper Cut is now available on Digital and Blu-Ray/DVD.