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Join The ‘Daredevil’ Cast In The Fight Against Blindness

Even though Daredevil is unfortunately no longer with us, the shows memory lives on through the fans and the cast. I remember sitting down and watching Daredevil with my family. Out of all the shows I have watched, this one just astonished me. Each season got better and more harsher. Sometimes it was hard to watch but what a brilliantly crafted show. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I will miss it dearly.

Since Daredevil‘s cancellation, I have been following the various cast members, watching things they have been in and supporting their upcoming projects – Deborah Ann Woll’s Relics and Rarities, for example. If you’re a big Dungeons & Dragons fan then I highly recommend it.

One particular project caught my attention. Deborah Ann Woll’s husband E.J Scott unfortunately has a condition called choroideremia, a condition that effects his eyesight. Together, the two have been raising awareness to help battle retinal degenerative diseases. Using their Instagram accounts that you can find here and here, they have created and shared their very own auction that benefits Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Fans of Daredevil, Comics, True Blood, and D&D have the opportunity to bid and win some really awesome signed merchandise- ranging from signed comics, images, dice and even flasks.

The current auction has just under 2 days left. Head over to their page to check out their items. Place a bid, have some fun and help a really amazing cause. If you’re lucky, you could walk away with an amazing signed item. If you don’t win, don’t worry too much you would have helped raise a lot of money for a charity that needs our attention.

You can find out more about Foundation Fighting Blindness and how they operate right here. If you can’t bid on an item, then you can simple donate via the website. Every little helps.

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