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Danai Gurira Knows Who Died on ‘The Walking Dead’

E! News caught up with Danani Gurira on the Tonys Red Carpet and had to ask about the season finale of The Walking Dead that has everyone biting their nails!

Reporter Mark Malkin tried as he may, but Danai’s lips were, of course, sealed!

“Yeah I know. I know what’s happening. Of course I know!” she said. When he asked her to elaborate she simply stated, “I’ll tell you this much—I know something. I know a little bit more than you.”

After a brief pause she added, “Suddenly, I don’t know anything. Where am I?!”

It seems more anymore of the actors are admitting that they do know who died at the fate of Negan’s bat. It just makes us want to know even more!

Gurira was of course in presence at  for her own personal successes-she was nominated for several Tonys for her play.

Watch the clip from her interview with E! HERE.

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