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‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’: Stephen Amell Releases Trailer

Arrow’s Stephen Amell unveiled a trailer for the final two episodes of the Arrowverse’s  crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, which will cap the crossover on Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

“Every punch you’ve thrown, every kick you’ve landed, they have all led you here, to this moment, to the ultimate fight,” is what we hear and foreshadows then end of Amell’s run as the Green Arrow.


Hour three of Crisis on Infinite Earths left our heroes have no time to waste. We now get a better look at part four of the mega crossover event.

Looking back at part three, Barry called in some backup to help Ray calibrate the Waverider and discover the remaining three paragons. Cisco jumps in and víola! The three paragons are J’onn, Barry, and a man named Ryan Choi. Our heroes split up once again, with Iris, Ralph, and Ray heading off to convince Ryan to help save the Multiverse. He is hesitant at first, but after a pep talk from Iris, agrees to help. Ryan won’t sit by and let his wife and child die.

Meanwhile, Barry, Frost, and a power-restored Cisco head to the sewers in Central City. They are met by Pariah, who admits to unleashing the Anti-Monitor. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember how he was able to get through the door. Cisco vibes him, revealing the code. Inside, they find a massive anti-matter canon, which is the source of the red waves. it is being powered by a treadmill, and lo and behold, a speedster is powering it. Last year, Barry from Earth-90 was magicked away by the book. He was sent here and the Anti-Monitor has been using him ever since. Cisco opens a portal to get him off the treadmill, but doing activates the fail-safe. If they don’t act quick, all the remaining Earths will be wiped out all at once.

Pariah summons Black Lightning, who momentarily halts the fail safe. This gives the Barrys enough time to talk over what needs to be done. Earth-1 Barry realizes that this is the moment he’s been waiting for. He will run backwards on the treadmill, stopping the anti-matter canon. But before he can act, Flash-90 steals his speed and has Cisco get him back on the treadmill. He will take the fall and the save everyone. As the others return to the Waverider, Flash-90 does just that. He is burned up by the Speed Force, but the day is saved. Momentarily, at least.


On the Waverider, Kara plans to use the book in order to rewrite reality and save Earth-38. Kate isn’t going to let her do it, however. She tries to convince her, but can’t get through to Kara. The two square off, with Kara eventually relenting. In that moment, Kate is thankful she didn’t have to pull out the Kryptonite. She reveals she took it from Bruce later on, offering it to Kara in a sign of good faith. Kara tells Kate to keep it. She trusts Kate and has hope that she’ll never have to use it. If anything, this crossover has further cemented how good of a pairing Kara and Kate are. I’ve enjoyed their time together during Crisis.

In the attempt to return Oliver’s soul, Constantine, Diggle, and Mia travel to Earth-666 where they get some help from the devil. The actual devil as Lucifer makes a surprise cameo. The three are transported to purgatory, and it’s Lian Yu. Constantine tells Diggle and Mia that this must be what Oliver thinks of when he imagines being trapped. They are walking through the woods when they are attacked by Oliver. Luckily, Diggle is able to get through to him, but a man appears and tells Oliver that he can’t leave. His name is Jim Corrigan, aka Spectre. He needs Oliver’s help to save everyone. Naturally, Oliver agrees. Constantine, Diggle, and Mia are returned to the Waverider.

Then everything goes from bad to worse…

There is only one Earth left, but now they can figure out how to restore the Multiverse. Harbinger appears, claiming to have no memory of what happened. As Diggle comforts her, Barry realizes that this has all been a set-up. Harbinger attacks the heroes. She then kills Monitor. As a result, another red wave appears and destroys Earth-1. In the final moments, Pariah sends the paragons away. Everyone else aboard the Waverider is killed by the red wave.

And where did our paragons end up? The Vanishing Point.

The seven are the last hope for restoring the Multiverse, but they’re about to lose that hope. Suddenly, Superman starts emitting beams of red light and “dies” in Kara’s arms. He is replaced by Lex Luthor. Turns out Lex saw the seven paragons stranded at the Vanishing Point in the book and decided to rewrite reality. He made himself one of the seven paragons.

And now we wait.

Sara (Destiny), Barry (Love), J’onn (Honor), Kara (Hope), Kate (Courage), Ryan (Humanity), and Lex (Truth) are all that’s left, and things aren’t looking too good for the seven. They’re stranded and without guidance. Now to research all the crazy theories as we wait for the final two hours in January.

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