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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Doppelganger’

Published on March 8th, 2018 | Updated on March 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

We have been waiting for this moment for seasons to come and tonight it finally arrived, Roy Harper has returned to Arrow!

‘Doppelganger’ kicks off with Oliver and Thea meeting with their friend Jean, the same family friend who served as the lawyer in Moira’s case. She brought the good news that she could have Oliver’s case dismissed. Since the video surveillance was submitted by Cayden James, a criminal, they could motion the case for dismissal.

During their discussion, Quentin Lance walks in and announces that Black Siren walked into the police station a few minutes ago and she was claiming to be Laurel Lance. As they made to intercept her, she was one step ahead and was talking to the press. She claimed to be Laurel Lance, and that she was held prisoner by Damien Darhk for two years.

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After pulling her aside, they discovered that all the money she had extorted had suddenly gone missing. Following their discussion Oliver heads to the police station and speaks with Captain Hill about the money crisis. Once Oliver left, Dinah enters and asks if she could be assigned to the Laurel Lance case.

Oliver and Jean head to the district attorney’s office and learned some new facts about Oliver’s case. Apparently there was another witness who claimed that they knew Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow – Roy Harper.

Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Thea meet in the Arrow Cave where they discuss how they are going to locate Roy Harper.

At the hospital, Quentin brings Black Siren some of Laurel’s old clothes and tells her if she is going to claim to be Laurel then she better start dressing like her. While they talked, Dinah came to the hospital and began questioning the doctor about Laurel’s Lance’s death two years ago. She also asks for her help in proving that this Laurel was a fake and the real one died two years ago. The doctor told her that they would know more after the DNA test.

Quentin comes out to speak briefly with Dinah, asking her to back off Black Siren. Black Siren knows all of their secret identities and she could put them all at risk. While they talk, Black Siren is taken away by a police officer who takes her to meet with Anatoly and Diaz.

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During their discussion, Black Siren asks Anatoly why he would work for such a corrupt man like Diaz. Not only did he murder Cayden, but he set his own agenda.

Elsewhere, Team Arrow gets a location on Roy. This time, Thea states that she wants to suit up and go out with them. During their mission, Thea witnesses Roy getting beaten by corrupt SCPD. After they leave, Thea breaks in the room through the air vent and kisses Roy. She repeatedly tells him that she is not leaving him. Unfortunately for Thea, the SCPT SWAT are about to break in the room and Thea is pulled out of the room by Oliver via Web Arrow. Angrilly, Thea states that Oliver should have left her there to help him. Oliver disagrees, saying if they left her there then they both would have been killed.

Down in the Arrow Cave, Oliver and Thea resume their discussion. Thea disclosed to Oliver that she was able to find peace with herself for years because she always knew Roy was safe somewhere. During their discussion, Diggle walks up and states that Felicity has something.

At City Hall, Oliver meets with Dinah and Quentin. He tells them what he finds out – that Cayden James was murdered after he and Oliver had their discussion in the interview room. The police documents were forged, and Cayden never made it to Iron Heights. Dinah and Lance agree to work together to find the corrupt officers in the police departments, no matter how deep it goes.

Elsewhere, Black Siren meets with Anatoly and Diaz. Diaz tells Black Siren that it was selfish of her to try and steal the money by herself. He then tells her he will help her get to wherever she wants to go.

While Felicity and Diggle talk about the current case against Oliver is facing, and Diggle asks Felicity why she thinks Oliver hasn’t given back the hood yet. While they talk, they get a ping on the GPS. Apparently the SCPD was transferring Roy to a more secure location. Thea and Oliver head out to stop the convoy, only to discover that it was a decoy run. It is then shown that Roy is currently being held captive by Diaz.

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Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave where he and Felicity have a discussion about Roy and Oliver putting the hood back on. Oliver tells Felicity that he wonders if he didn’t tell Thea to save Roy because he couldn’t accept the guilt for what Roy did for him three years ago – having to start his life all over again away from home and taking the fall for being the Green Arrow.

Back at Diaz’s hideout, Diaz asked Roy if he wanted to join the team. After Roy refused, Diaz mentioned that he knew about Thea.

Quentin and Dinah talk about the corrupt police situation, when they hear a knock at the door. They answer to see that it is Black Siren who states she has information on Diaz for them.

At the Arrow Cave, Oliver tells Thea that once they rescue Roy she can leave with him if she thinks that is what will make her happy. While they talk, Diggle comes in to tell them that Black Siren visited Lance at his apartment and she is claiming to have information on Diaz. They head out to meet her, and after she gives up a casino location where he is staging his operations, Oliver asks her why she is willing to give up Diaz. Black Siren states that if she is claiming to be Laurel, it is time she start acting like her.

Oliver and his team arrive at the casino, and begin their search for Roy. After fighting some thugs, they find Diaz. Diaz confronts Oliver, addressing him as the mayor. A fight breaks out, and while this happens, one of the corrupt police officers calls the actual police and tells them that the Green Arrow is dropping bodies at the local casino. Thea and Oliver chase Diaz up onto the roof, where they confront him once more. Oliver orders Thea to get in the van and drive Roy away to safely. As she does so, Diaz tells Oliver that it is only a matter of time before the entire SCPD is on his payroll. As the cops arrive, Oliver is left with no choice but to let Diaz get away.

Roy is brought back to the Arrow Cave, where the group shares a happy reunion. Since he is a witness in the case against Oliver, Roy is going to have to hang low for a few days.

After their discussion, Oliver meets with Black Siren in Quentin’s apartment. He tells her he is surprised that she didn’t set them up. He then agrees to support her Laurel Lance story, as long as she cooperates with them. After he leaves, Black Siren receives a text from Diaz saying ‘Good Work’.

Thea and Roy head back to her apartment where they start to rekindle their romance. While they do so, a woman dressed in a league of assassins robe states to her master that she has ‘found the heir to Ra’s Al Ghul’

Arrow returns on March 29th, 2018 at 9PM/EST on The CW.



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