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Could ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ fit into ‘The Walking Dead’ Timeline?

While we are waiting for October, we have moved on from  ‘who did Negan kill?’ to another burning question.

Could Fear the Walking Dead fit into The Walking Dead Timeline?

TWD began with Rick waking up from a coma, a couple of months into the apocalypse, whereas,  FTWD  began at the beginning, day 1. But come to think about it, how much time has passed?

Showrunner Dave Erickson has made an attempt to clarify how FTWD would fit into TWD’s timeline.

“I think right now, by the end of the first half [of Season 2], we’re getting very close to Rick waking up in Georgia,” says Erickson.

Rick wakes up about day 59.

But according to the FTWD timeline, episode 5:’Captive’, which is only 2 episodes before the mid season finale, puts the apocalypse at day 20. And as episodes 6 and 7 go on, it seems like only another 4 or 5 days go by. This puts the timeline around day 25.

So is Erickson’s math wrong?

Maybe, maybe not. There is always the possibility of a time jump between halves, and as the Showrunner, he probably knows something we don’t.

“By the end of the first reel, everybody knows the score and is able to kill [the undead] without any thought. They become very practiced at it very quickly. And that was something we wanted to avoid. We wanted to try to balance expectations of how people should behave once they know there are zombies with this sort of attempted slow burn into the apocalypse from a character standpoint,” Erickson said.

This annoyed fans because we want the characters in FTWD to be as skilled as those in TWD. 

Fear the Walking Dead returns August 21 and The Walking Dead returns in October.



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