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Top 8 Comic Book TV Shows Premiering in Early 2019

You’ve put away all your Christmas presents, taken down the tinsel and packed up your tree. New Year has been and gone. It’s 2019 now, the magic and sparkle of Christmas vanished and the holidays behind us as we return to our ordinary daily lives. But don’t worry, whilst the fun seems to be over, January gives us all these fantastic new TV premieres to look forward to! So grab a blanket, snuggle up and get ready to plan your 2019 TV watchlist…

The Flash

The mid-season finale of Elseworld’s allowed viewers to see Barry Allen as a hero with or without his powers. With reality as we know it seemingly restored, The Flash returns to our screens on Tuesday, January 15th at 8/7c on The CW.  You can look forward to seeing how relationships change as Nora deals with the revelation that Eobard Thawne killed her grandmother but also Cicada will return with a vengeance. 


When we last saw Oliver Queen during Elseworlds, we saw a different side to the brooding vigilante. The lighter tones of Supergirl and The Flash allowed for character growth with comedy and humor as well as acknowledging the show’s darker history and legacy over the past 7 years. Arrow continues on Monday, January 21st at 8/7c, where we will see this theme of legacy addressed further and learn more about the mysterious green-hooded Emiko Queen. 


Supergirl Season 4 bounded onto our screens in October by not only confronting uncomfortable challenges to our team of heroes on Earth-38 but also using its voice to challenge real-world political issues, spread important messages to its audience and share real-life experiences. As aliens become increasingly scapegoated and blamed for societies problems by non-powered majorities, Kara’s world suddenly becomes encased by fear, violence, isolation, powerlessness and targeted prejudice. 

The mid-season premiere teased a new Red Daughter story-arc coming in 2019 inspired by Superman’s Red Son Dc-Comic’s storyline. Start watching on Sunday, January 20th to see how this plays out.


Season 2 dropped onto Hulu back on the 21st December 2018 but it premiered in the UK last week. In case you got caught up in the festive cheer and haven’t yet caught up with the most recent season, it picks up straight after Season 1, where we finally saw the Runaways, actually run away from their super-villain parents.

The new season cleverly uses the teenage outcasts new monetary status to explore the vast divides between rich and poor, opening up both the character’s eyes and the audience’s awareness of issues and problems facing homelessness and depravity. The characters are removed from the locations and scenarios they are comfortable with but are instead facing new challenges and relationships outside of the environments they are used to. 

The Gifted 

Season 2 continues in 2019, premiering back on Tuesday, January 1st.  As the world continues to discriminate and target mutants, the divides amongst The Mutant Underground’s and The Hellfire Club’s Inner Circles’ band of anti-heroes continues as the plot thickens. We last saw the two factions needing to use each other’s resources and their actions being mistaken for one another’s with increasing consequences for both teams. 


The final season of Gotham has already started, premiering back on Thursday, January 3rd on Fox. Don’t worry as there’s still plenty of time to catch up as the show ties up loose ends and brings us all to its ultimate conclusion. 

Before leaving us, Gotham is going down swinging as it packs in huge plot-lines alongside providing viewers with those moments long-term TV and comic-book fans have been yearning to see. Following on from last season’s ‘No Man’s Land’ story, it’s not one to miss.

The Walking Dead

Amongst changes in its current cast and story, The Walking Dead is also changing up its approach. Season 9 is set to be different from its predecessor, but just as engaging and captivating to viewers. Premiering on Sunday, February 10th at 9/8c on AMC,  you can expect a different take on this long-running franchise which plans to stick around for the foreseeable future. 

Doom Patrol

An exciting new arrival to The DC Universe is Doom Patrol, premiering on Friday, February 15th. Following on from its comic-book origins, this live-action TV reincarnation will see Cyborg banding together a group of superhero outcasts on a mission they can’t ignore.

The Doom Patrol was first introduced during Titans which streamed on the DC Universe earlier this year. This new series picks up these characters from where Titans left off, following Robotman, Crazy Jane, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and The Chief.