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‘COLONY’: Highlights from episode 3.11 ‘Disposable Heroes’

Snyder is wreaking havoc on the Seattle colony and Kynes responds in dramatic fashion this week on Colony.

Colony episode 3.10 titled ‘Disposable Heroes’ opens with some mysterious warfare. Snyder plays puppet master to elicit a response from Kynes. Meanwhile, Will and company visit O’Neill’s group of Outliers at the boxing gym.

Nothing to see here

The cold open shows an Outlier falling from his pod in the middle of the woods to find a bag of gear and weaponry. He quickly encounters another soldier dressed the same way. The second soldier speaks Mandarin and apparently asks the outlier to reveal the numbers tatooed on his back. She shows that she too has been numbered.

The pair begin to surveill the woods as a team. They find a fallen Outlier soldier. The female soldier sees something shimmer in the distance. She then falls to the ground having been shot by the invisible opponent. The male soldier soon encounters the same shimmer and is also taken down.

In the distance, we see the back of a figure. Call me crazy, but I think I see gills on the side of its head. There is some sort of dial attached to its head as well.

Meeting the gym rats

Will, Katie, and Broussard meet with O’Neill at the gym. O’Neill introduces them to Harris who inquires as to how they know so much about the Outliers. They reveal that they interrogated and IGA official.

Harris agrees to work with them pending some further investigation. Harris meets with Kynes and they realize that Snyder was the IGA official that was abducted by Will. Kynes is anxious to get Snyder out of Seattle. Kynes tells Harris to accept Snyder’s meet request and keep this new intel on the down low.

A fatal favor

Snyder and Garland wait for Harris in a parking garage. They join Harris in his vehicle. Snyder says he needs a favor from Harris. Then Garland proceeds to choke Harris to death.

We hear an explosion as Bram and his friend walk their Community Patrol beat. Bram runs to help. A convoy has been ambushed and blown to bits. The wreckage includes Harris’ vehicle where he is found to be burned to death as part of his vehicle exploding.

Adam Ford finds his partner Harris. Kynes tells Ford to get an autopsy as something is suspicious about his death.

Ice Queen and Errand Boy

Kynes has some choice words for Helena who supposedly dropped in on the colony after hearing of the attack. He wants Helena and Snyder whom he dubs her “errand boy” out of Seattle. Snyder suggests that Kynes can no longer have autonomous control of Seattle with three outliers having been killed.

Kynes insists that Helena aka “Ice Queen” and Snyder are part of the IGA’s efforts to discredit Kynes’ work in Seattle. He responds to their interference by shutting down all communications in the colony and dismantling the database, but only before sending secret messages about the initiation of “Project Phoenix”.

Rally time

Amy was apparently moved by Will’s efforts to get her to continue working with Broussard and their Resistance effort. She returns home to find Katie outside her house. Introductions are exchanged and Katie asks Amy about how she thinks Will is managing his response to Charlie’s death.

While the two women chat, O’Neill and several members of his cell converge upon the house. They have come in response to the attack. Broussard insists that his group was not responsible. O’Neill does some checking and ultimately believes Broussard.

Then the phones go dead and O’Neill tells them that it is a signal. Harris had previously described such a scenario and that it would mean they need to get to a rally point.

Broussard and Will join O’Neill to visit the rally point. Adam Ford is there to explain to everyone that they will be going to war. He also explains that Kynes was protecting them by not sending them to the pods.

Kynes had a plan to save “the best and brightest” to rebuild the human race after the hosts were gone. Ford says that Kynes believed the IGA was just waiting for the hosts to leave and take the spoils of Earth for themselves. By securing a cross-section of very capable people in Seattle, Kynes would be able to give the IGA a run for their money.

Ford seems to suggest that the ultimate fight will be humans against humans.

Back at home

Gracie returns home after the school lockdown. The house is empty and the milk is expired. The poor kid cannot even have cereal with milk for dinner.

Bram returns home apologizing that he could not get home any faster. He has been at work responding to the explosion, along with Meadow’s dad, Sal, who we confirmed also works for Community Patrol.

Sal has encouraged Bram to bring Gracie to dinner again soon. Bram decides to do just that and tells Gracie to go get her coat. They are going to Meadow’s house for dinner.

COLONY -- "Disposable Heroes" Episode 311 -- Pictured: (l-r) Alex Neustaedter as Bram Bowman, Isabella Crovetti-Cramp as Grace Bowman -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)
COLONY — “Disposable Heroes” Episode 311 — Pictured: (l-r) Alex Neustaedter as Bram Bowman, Isabella Crovetti-Cramp as Grace Bowman — (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)

Back at the office

Faithful assistant Glen stays behind at Kynes’ office, but Kynes is nowhere to be found. With communications down, Glen is unable to reach Kynes per Helena’s demands.

Helena tells Snyder that he has been chosen as the new leader of Seattle. Snyder resists, but has no choice. We see him stand at the window surveying the city much like we saw Kynes doing earlier in the season.

It sure sounds like a fight is inevitable. Will Kynes’ secret group of Outliers be able to save humanity? What’s for dinner at Meadow’s house? Is Amy up to the challenge of war? Finally, who has that invisible warrior technology? We have to learn more about that!

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