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Civil War II Is Coming

It’s coming. Not winter
(unless you’re pumped for season 6
of Game of Thrones in which
case winter is indeed coming this
but Marvel’s next big event Civil War II which is
set to kick
off this summer
alongside Captain America: Civil War. The
first Civil War
event was what drew me back into
comic books so
needless to say I’m pumped for this, but also a bit
apprehensive. Would hate to
see the
legacy of the first series be tarnished. But that’s a discussion for

another day.

Leading up to the
release of Civil War II, Marvel
has released a couple of teaser
images to start showing fans who the
big players
could possibly be. Today released an
image of Black Panther.

Panther is having a pretty

successful run as of late. Watching him yield the Infinity Gauntlet
Secret Wars was all types
of awesome, and Wakanda seems to be
thriving in the new Marvel universe.
Plus he looks to have a pretty
badass role
in the new Captain America movie. I expect to see big
things for Black
Panther as we
lead up the release of his own movie in 2018.


Yesterday saw
release the first teaser image
Civil War II which included Thor. Thor has kind of been all over

the Marvel universe since taking
the hammer (spoiler alert for those who don’t
know but Lady Thor is Jane
Foster) most recently being a part
of the All New
All Different Avengers
team (not to mention a
possible romance with Falcons

Captain America). I for one am all for the big Thor push going into the
This character has a new
depth that I find very intriguing.

Civil War II
still months away,
and a introduction issue being released on Free
Comic Book Day, gear up for more

teasers. In the mean time start asking yourself what side are you on. Team

Protect the Future or Team
Change the Future? Better yet who do you guys think
are going to be on these

Civil War
will be written by Brian Michael

Images from Marvel

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