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Chris Hemsworth Graces the Cover of September’s ELLE Magazine

With Thor: Ragnarok hitting theaters this November, Chris Hemsworth is a man currently enjoying the spotlight. However, he doesn’t let that spotlight blind him.

Chris is still one of the most down to earth actors in the business, in fact, he left the big city to move home as to not get wrapped up in everything there. He’s humble, he’s talented, he’s bright, and he’s preparing for two big films to come out within months of each other where he stars as Thor.

So you could say he’s having an incredible time right now. He recently sat down with Elle magazine for an interview where he spoke about everything from hair extensions to being intimidated by Chris Pratt.

Chris was asked if he has to shave his chest, like Chris Evans does for Captain America and he joked that he gets his powers from somewhere else.

‘That’s not one of my character-preparing jobs. I’ve had to wear extensions in my hair. That’s where my powers come from.’

He also spoke about his mom, an English teacher, and a book she gave him when he left for Hollywood.

‘Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! She gave it to me before I went to Hollywood. It was a book that we used to read a lot as kids, and it’s got a profound message about the ups and downs in life. I think she was aware of that kind of unease in me.’

The interviewer mentioned that he’s sensitive and he totally embraces it. A trait we appreciate in him.

‘Yeah, mate. I’m quite heady. I spend a lot of time overthinking things. I’ve always had a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde way of thinking. One side of me is like, ‘We’re gonna conquer this thing.’ And the other side is like, ‘You’ll never work again.”

We’re glad Chris has never given into that ‘you’ll never work again’ part of himself. He’s brought some incredible characters to life so far.

He also spoke about California, and why he moved home. His reasoning is something that makes sense. Everyone moves to Hollywood for the bright lights and the opportunities but some aspects of it are fake, just as in any walk of life. However, being surrounded by that vibe all the time can be suffocating.

‘Everywhere you look in L.A, you’re reminded of what you’re a part of—or what you’re not a part of. And everyone you meet is talking about the same thing all the time.’

The interviewer asked if he meant the business.

‘It’s suffocating. It was getting tricky to leave the house because of the paparazzi. I just wanted my kids to have a different life—the outdoors lifestyle and camping and surfing that we had. Not to say you can’t get that in California. But I feel if you’re an actor, then it’s hard to escape it.’

In closing, the interviewer asked Chris what he’s currently reading and his response was a personal favorite of ours because it’s a book we actually just picked up ourselves.

‘I just read a great book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, by Mark Manson. It’s a counterintuitive approach to happiness. It rang a bell in my head. I give too many fucks about a lot of things. Have a look. [Laughs] It’s a gift from me to you.’

The interview in its entirety is available in the September 2017 issue of Elle.