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Chris Evans Shares Throwback Captain America Training Videos

Fans of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers have considered themselves quite blessed lately. Most recently, there was the tv spot that showed the pair reunited – and smiling so wide it made OUR cheeks hurt. Seriously, if you made it through that one without a goofy grin, we’d like to know how. In addition, there have been some awesome posters and promo photos that promise an exciting film for both Cap and Bucky.

What goes on behind the scenes is just as exciting, and we aren’t the only ones who think so. Both Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans have given fans insight into what it took to become their heroes. The intense training they both went through definitely paid off.

Chris Evans took to Twitter yesterday with some videos of his training regiment for The Winter Soldier.

A few of the videos gave us a close look at one of the most amazing scenes in MCU history. When Captain America takes on the elevator full of guys sent to destroy him. The way he politely asked if anyone wanted to get off before he knocked every single one of them out, showed his Captain America kindness.

For a different perspective on the elevator fight, he added in a clip which showed him training for the part of the fight where his wrist was stuck to the elevator wall.

It’s easy to see why Captain America is one of our favorite heroes.

You can see Chris Evans in Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th.