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Chelsea Peretti to Exit ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ During Season 6

More than just the network is changing when it comes to the sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-NineChelsea Peretti, who has played enigmatic Gina Linetti since season one, announced on social media that she is poised to exit at some point during the upcoming season. In a heartfelt post to fans, Peretti let everyone know that while she won’t be around for the entire season, she’s not gone forever,  reflecting on the spunky and lovable character she was able to play.

Nine-Nine’s creator Dan Goor released a statement on Twitter as well, saying that the creative team has drafted up the perfect exit for “the human embodiment of the 100 emoji” adding that “while it’s sad to see a member of the family leave we are so proud of Chelsea and excited for what she does next.” You can check that out below!

Although, as sad as it will be not having Gina around the office, it is something that fans are somewhat used to. Peretti had a limited role in season five when she was on maternity leave, missing almost the entire first half of the season. Peretti’s pregnancy had also been written into the show, so when season five premiered, Gina was also on maternity leave.

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Peretti’s sudden exit is definitely a surprise, but when it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are ready for almost anything. Earlier this year, Fox abruptly canceled the Andy Samberg-led comedy, sending everyone into a firestorm of outrage. Soon after, NBC saved the series and all was right in the television world, but it was a certainly a close call. The series was recently given six extra episodes as well, bringing season six to a total of 18 episodes.

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Are you sad to see Peretti leave? What’s your favorite Gina moment from Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Since Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be a midseason series for NBC, season 6 doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but we will be sure to let you know once it’s announced! For now, the complete series is streaming on Hulu!