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Check out Naomi Watts in Netflix ‘Gypsy’ Trailer

I guess I feel like I’ve been living my life as two people. I don’t know which one is real. I don’t know who’s in control anymore.

The trailer for the new tantalizing thriller on Netflix, Gypsy, is here and it will absolutely hold you captive for the entirety of the teaser. The song in the background, ‘Waiting Game’ by Banks is a sultry and seductive number, and the trailer closely follows suit.

Naomi Watts plays a therapist who appears to begin by helping a client, but by the end of the trailer, we learn that she’s no stranger to manipulation. Is it possible that she’s not as much a therapist as she is someone not only suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder but embracing it?

‘There’s one force more powerful than free will – our desires’

Naomi, who plays Jean Holloway, seems to have it all. A handsome husband, a perfect family, a gorgeous home – but it’s not enough. Not only does the life not add up to what she truly desires, it’s not dangerous enough, it’s not complicated enough, it’s not thrilling. Her character, for as strong as she seems in the office, has no clear grasp on anything other than fulfilling her desires, and that leads to a tricky game between her and her patients.

During the opening scene, she turns an exercise into a game of seduction. She kisses what appears to be a patient’s flame (or former flame), and her husband asks her more than once if she’s crossing lines and for her honesty when he feels that she’s lying to him (she is).

In an interview with EW in May, Naomi spoke about the character she plays and how she related to her – to a degree – because she was constantly trying to reinvent herself as she was growing up too. She says she wanted to be anyone but herself, which was hard to admit, but the truth. On Jean, she says this.

Before she knows it, she’s creating another identity, and it feels like a cautionary tale. We can all live with our fantasies, but she’s acting on them… that’s a hard thing to live with when the lies get bigger and deeper. I’m doing all the work for you. You can watch at home in your bed, in the safety and comfort of your normal life, and I’m living out this fantasy we’ve all possibly tapped into at one point or another, which is like, yeah, let me have this secret life.

With the words ‘cautionary tale’ being used, we can only imagine the trailer is just a small look at how much wilder this film will get, and with a trailer like that, we’re expecting some HUGE moments in this series.

Gypsy’s premiere season is 10 episodes long and will hit Netflix on June 30th.

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