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Lightning Strikes Twice As Stevie Nicks’ Re-Records ‘Gyspy’ For New Netflix Show

Lightning strikes maybe once but definitely twice as Fleetwood Mac icon Stevie Nicks has been back in the studio to re-record ‘Gypsy’ for a new Netflix series of the same name.

Watch the trailer for the psychological thriller below:


The 1982 ‘Mirage’ track – which was both written and performed by Nicks – reflects the vision that creator Lisa Rubin had for the new show before its development.

Discussing the lyrics of the song, Rubin said to Entertainment Weekly: “It suggests this idea of grounding yourself in who you used to be and the different versions of yourself. There’s a melancholy in it, but something that feels romantic… It feels bare and haunting.”

“It’s still the same song, but there’s a darker element…Tonally, there’s both an eeriness and something bare that speaks to the ideas of identity and everything that’s going on at Jean’s core.”

Nicks told Entertainment Weekly: “I’m very excited for the world to hear ‘Gypsy’ more like I wrote it – on piano. I am very proud of this version.”

Check on the opening title, featuring Stevie’s newest version of ‘Gypsy’ below:


Starring Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup, Gypsy will debut its ten episode first season on Netflix on Friday (June 30).

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